Be on the leading, not bleeding edge – digital enrollment marketing

Midge Wilcke, Director of Communication and Marketing, Boston University, School of Management, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, founder and CEO of Intead in a discussion about the evolving role of the Internet and digital marketing in higher education marketing and recruitment. From the ancient world of overhead transparencies, slide projectors and tape players to the modern age of digital tools, Ms. Wilcke’s longevity and experience in the field of marketing allow her to present a vast knowledge to podcast listeners.

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The conversation begins with ways in which institutions have adapted to engage prospective students and parents in the digital age. Push media (direct mailings) while still relevant for some purposes lost their effectiveness several years ago. With a need to alter the ways institutions courted and communicated with students and parents, Ms. Wilcke and her staff introduced several creative approaches. She shares with listeners a couple of Boston University, School of Management’s innovative approaches.

Creative digital marketing requires marketing knowledge, creative knowledge and analytics knowledge. It’s important to shape a team with a broad based skill set. Collaboration and trust form the cornerstone of success in higher education digital marketing.

Ms. Wilcke addresses the main building blocks of creating a successful digital marketing environment. The recipe for success comes down to people. Creativity and risk taking are critical as well. Knowledge of digital tools and knowing the right time to use the right tool can make all the difference. A working knowledge of analytics helps to inform continued success in domestic and international student recruitment.

This discussion also covers:
• The changing role of admission officers as sophisticated digital marketers.
• The importance of channel management and analytics.
• How to better utilize faculty as content producers

Midge Wilcke
Director of Communication and Marketing, 
Boston University


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