Benchmark Your International Student Satisfaction

Pamela Barrett, Director of Client Services for iGraduate North America, joins Intead founder Michael Waxman-Lenz in a conversation about the International Student Barometer and how this tool can help institutions of higher education to improve international student recruitment and retention.

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Digital Recruitment of Students in India: A Conversation with Learnhub

Michelle Caers, Chief Customer Officer for Learnhub joins Intead founder and CEO Michael Waxman-Lenz in a conversation about the evolving role of digital recruitment of Indian students. Many factors are contributing to a skyrocketing need for effective digital marketing for Indian international student recruitment.

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Digital Language Learning: Will it Surpass Class Room Instruction?

Tyson Greer, CEO of Ambient Insight, joins Intead founder and CEO Michael Waxman-Lenz in a conversation about the insights we can gain from the use of custom market analysis reports related to learning technology. Ms. Greer and her Ambient Insight cofounder Sam Adkins use their extensive quantitative research using proprietary mathematical models to provide the industry with educational forecasts.

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Using Alumni to Leverage International Recruitment and Relations

Gretchen Dobson, Global Strategist and founder of Gretchen Dobson Go Global LLC, joins Intead founder Michael Waxman-Lenz in a conversation about leveraging alumni in  international marketing, recruiting, and global awareness. Ms. Dobson is a leader in the field of higher education internationalization. She is the author of a new book Being Global: Making the Case for International Alumni Relations (CASE Books, 2011).

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Optimizing Indian Student Recruitment

Every month the 2nd and 4th Thursdays will be devoted to highlighting our library of podcasts. We believe strongly that information can be conveyed in a number of ways. We hope that you will continue to read our blog and also take advantage of the opportunity to listen to our podcasts at your desk, the gym or during your commute. Through 20-30 minute podcasts we hope to introduce our readers/listeners to a variety of compelling topics related to international higher education. We hope you enjoy our podcasts and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

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Vietnam: Observations on recruitment opportunities by a visiting scholar

Michael Goldberg*, Weatherhead School of Management (Case Western Reserve University) adjunct professor and partner at Bridge Investment Fund joins Intead founder Michael Waxman-Lenz in a conversation about the emerging Vietnamese market, how academic institutions can position themselves within this market and insights gained from Mr. Goldberg’s recent six month Fulbright Fellowship experience in Vietnam.

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The Modern Chinese Consumer

Our esteemed guest, Tom Doctoroff, CEO of JWT Asia Pacific (APAC) joins Intead’s co-founder Michael Waxman-Lenz in a discussion about the intricacies of Chinese culture, its unique market attributes and values, and ways North American universities can align their enrollment campaigns with these values to effectively improve their student recruitment marketing efforts in China.

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Student Recruitment in China

Sid Krommenhoek, co-founder and international business lead of Zinch, discusses with Michael Waxman-Lenz Zinch’s China-based recruiting activities. Zinch is mostly known for their U.S. digital student network, connecting students and universities. During the last few years, Zinch has also built a China-based business unit with a significant web presence. Since 2011, Zinch is part of the Chegg group (http://www.chegg.com/).

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Vietnam – moving from diversity to a revenue country for U.S. enrollment

Ms. Hien Dao is a U.S.-educated native of Vietnam and CEO and founder of Golden Path Academics. She talks about the recruiting environment for U.S. universities in Vietnam. What are students looking for? What do parents in Vietnam need to know about U.S. education? Learn from Hien Dao’s first-hand experience in the Vietnamese market.

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Topics: Country Focus

ESL programs from the perspective of an University administrator

English as Second Language (ESL) programs are a key building block for the internationalization efforts of many U.S. campuses. There are several different organizational and business models available to establish and manage ESL programs. 

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Topics: ESL Programs

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