Be on the leading, not bleeding edge – digital enrollment marketing

Midge Wilcke, Director of Communication and Marketing, Boston University, School of Management, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, founder and CEO of Intead in a discussion about the evolving role of the Internet and digital marketing in higher education marketing and recruitment. From the ancient world of overhead transparencies, slide projectors and tape players to the modern age of digital tools, Ms. Wilcke’s longevity and experience in the field of marketing allow her to present a vast knowledge to podcast listeners.

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Marketing Segmentation for Higher Education

Haven Ladd, partner with the Parthenon Group, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, Intead CEO and co-founder, to explain the impressive research and insights generated from years of providing strategic advisory services for higher education institutions. Parthenon’s market segmentation research is a valuable tool for higher education professionals. You won't want to miss this podcast.

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Olympic Level Marketing for Higher Education

Graeme Menzies, Director of Marketing Communications & Social Media at The University of British Columbia, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, Intead CEO and co-founder, to share his vast knowledge of marketing and social media in the higher education realm. Higher education professionals seeking to improve their marketing, communications and social media strategies will gain a great deal of insight through Mr. Menzies discussion.

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CRM for International Education Professionals?

Sidney Lejfer, co-founder and president of Harvest Solutions, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, co-founder and CEO of Intead in a conversation about CRM systems and marketing automation. Mr. Lejfer has been in the CRM space for 25 years and in that time has resolved business issues in sales marketing and customer service for a wide range of clients.

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Global Branding for Higher Education

Professor Barbara Kahn, the Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor of Marketing and Director of the Jay H. Baker Retailing Center at The Wharton School, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, Intead CEO and co-founder, to discuss brand management and brand positioning in higher education. Prof. Kahn’s extensive experience in marketing, advertising, consumer decision making and branding provides listeners with an expert’s perspective on these fields relate to higher education. With greater competition among higher education institutions internationally, brand positioning has become increasingly important. Lessons from the consumer sector can provide higher education institutions with an interesting perspective.

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Cultivating International Student Recruitment Success

Dr. Philomena Mantella, Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Life at Northeastern University joins Lisa Cynamon Mayers, Academic Advisor for Intead in a conversation about Northeastern’s incredible success in the international student recruitment space. Though success didn’t happen overnight, Northeastern’s thoughtful approach to international student recruitment has allowed it to become an enviable institution in a short period of time. Dr. Mantella explains the keys to Northeastern’s success in this incredibly useful podcast.

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Social Media Marketing for International Student Recruitment

Daniel Grayson, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Tufts University, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, founder and CEO of Intead, in a discussion about how admission officers can succeed with social media marketing. Over the last five years Mr. Grayson has led Tufts University’s development of a robust social media presence. A frequent speaker on the subject, Mr. Grayson’s expert advice and vast experience provide an insightful perspective for all listeners, regardless of their level of social media expertise.

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Using Alumni to Leverage International Recruitment and Relations

Gretchen Dobson, Global Strategist and founder of Gretchen Dobson Go Global LLC, joins Intead founder Michael Waxman-Lenz in a conversation about leveraging alumni in  international marketing, recruiting, and global awareness. Ms. Dobson is a leader in the field of higher education internationalization. She is the author of a new book Being Global: Making the Case for International Alumni Relations (CASE Books, 2011).

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