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Innovation in Education: Conversing with Codecademy

In our ongoing effort to expose our readers to innovative educational models, we'd like to share this podcast with Nikhil Abraham from Codecademy, the leader in online coding education. Codecademy's model shakes the foundation of traditional education. What is the future of new educational models? How will Codecademy affect traditional modes of education?

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Topics: MOOCS, Codecademy

Lessons for digital student prospecting

Todd Worsham, International Business Development Manager for EducationDynamics, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, founder and CEO of Intead in a discussion about digital student prospecting.

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Be on the leading, not bleeding edge – digital enrollment marketing

Midge Wilcke, Director of Communication and Marketing, Boston University, School of Management, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, founder and CEO of Intead in a discussion about the evolving role of the Internet and digital marketing in higher education marketing and recruitment. From the ancient world of overhead transparencies, slide projectors and tape players to the modern age of digital tools, Ms. Wilcke’s longevity and experience in the field of marketing allow her to present a vast knowledge to podcast listeners.

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Global Dexterity: A Must for International Admissions Officers

Andy Molinsky, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Brandeis University and author of Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Your Behavior Across Cultures without Losing Yourself in the Process joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, founder and CEO of Intead in a discussion about the importance of translating cultural knowledge into action in cross cultural experiences and situations. His six dimensional framework can help those engaged in international work to be more effective and authentic.

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What matters to prospective Indian students

Lakshmi Iyer, Head of Education Advisory at Sannam S4, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, founder and CEO of Intead in a discussion that explores the climate of Indian international education, changes that affect international student recruitment and ways institutions might better position themselves for Indian student recruitment.

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Marketing Segmentation for Higher Education

Haven Ladd, partner with the Parthenon Group, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, Intead CEO and co-founder, to explain the impressive research and insights generated from years of providing strategic advisory services for higher education institutions. Parthenon’s market segmentation research is a valuable tool for higher education professionals. You won't want to miss this podcast.

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Scale, Democratization, and Online Education

At Intead we have two passions: technology and education. In what capacity do these two loves merge better than in the online education sector? Our recent conversation with Coursera's Lisa Barrett was very exciting for us. We hope you'll enjoy it as well.  Click the Intead logo below and listen or download the episode from iTunes. 

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Topics: MOOCS, Coursera

Olympic Level Marketing for Higher Education

Graeme Menzies, Director of Marketing Communications & Social Media at The University of British Columbia, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, Intead CEO and co-founder, to share his vast knowledge of marketing and social media in the higher education realm. Higher education professionals seeking to improve their marketing, communications and social media strategies will gain a great deal of insight through Mr. Menzies discussion.

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Creating the Mobile First Experience

Matt Collins, Global Director of Applications and Partner Marketing at Microsoft, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, Intead CEO and co-founder, to discuss the importance of creating a mobile first experience. Given the influence and prevalence of mobile channels for internet usage, marketers need to pay careful attention to crafting a mobile first approach.

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CRM for International Education Professionals?

Sidney Lejfer, co-founder and president of Harvest Solutions, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, co-founder and CEO of Intead in a conversation about CRM systems and marketing automation. Mr. Lejfer has been in the CRM space for 25 years and in that time has resolved business issues in sales marketing and customer service for a wide range of clients.

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