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Intead’s Top 10 International Student Recruiting Podcasts


Podcasts can be an invaluable tool for international student recruiting professionals. They inspire new ideas, motivate us to try new things, and teach us industry secrets. And, you can listen to them just about anywhere, from your morning commute, to the coach seat as you fly to your next student fair, or just at your desk as you carve out a few minutes for lunch between all the demands of the day. Listening to leaders and experts in the field of international student recruiting discuss the same topics you struggle with can shed light on new solutions.

These are all of the reasons Intead started sharing podcasts a few years ago, and since then we’ve shared insights into everything from hiring admissions staff to innovative education models, to marketing to diverse audiences. This week, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 most listened to podcasts. Here’s what your peers found most valuable.

In all, Intead has produced 46 podcasts with international student recruiting leaders covering all the topics you grapple with all the time. At the end of our top 10 list you will find a link to Intead’s full library of podcasts. Find the insights that are most important to you. Special nod to our co-founder, Michael Waxman-Lenz, for all his work producing these industry-leading resources.

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Read on to find links to our top 10 podcasts, plus one bonus podcast you won’t want to miss. Read on...

We will start with our BONUS podcast: Intead’s research with FPPEDUMedia was recently featured on NPR’s Marketplace, the podcast distributed by American Public Radio in association with the University of Southern California. Our research on how the outcome of the US presidential election could effect international student recruiting was the topic of discussion. As this blog goes to press, the outcome is unclear. Nevertheless, the extremely close race has had a dramatic effect on how the US is viewed by students around the world. For many nationalities, the US has lost the sense of being a welcome place to study. What will this mean for our international student recruiting targets? Have a listen: "Foreign Students Eye U.S. Election with Caution” here.

Now, let’s dive into our list of most popular podcasts.

No. 10Bem-vindos! International Student Recruitment in Brazil284 Downloads

Vicki Seefeldt West, Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions and International Student Recruitment at Ohio University discusses the institution’s success in the Brazilian market. She also touches on the difference between Brazil and other markets, as well as the challenges and future trends in Brazilian student recruitment. While the political environment in Brazil has changed, many of the insights are still highly relevant. This one is worth another listen.

No. 9International Student Recruitment through Search Platforms292 Downloads

Seth Gummere, former Hotcourses General Manager in the U.S., met with Intead to talk about the results of a Hotcourses survey that examined how prospective international students conduct their higher education search. Touching on issues like website translation and the importance of promoting programs within your institution, this podcast is a must-listen for international student recruiters trying to learn about digital marketing.

No. 8FundsV – Funds Verification Platform308 Downloads

Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck sat down with us to discuss her work as the founder of the FundsV working group. FundsV was created in response to a need for a funds verification services for students who choose to study abroad. The service works specifically in the thriving international education market and aims to make the process more efficient.

No. 7Finding Success in Vietnamese Student Recruitment309 Downloads

If you’re recruiting in Vietnam this podcast is an absolute must. In February of 2014, Intead talked with Drew Taylor, the Director of Client Relations for ELS AEC Vietnam. Taylor identifies important differences in the study patterns between the North and South of Vietnam. He shares insights into the function of education agents and points out which countries compete for recruiting attention in Vietnam.

No. 6Marketing Segmentation for Higher Education317 Downloads

Haven Ladd, partner with the Parthenon Group, discussed the ever-pressing subject of marketing segmentation with Intead. Ladd expressed the need to recognize the diverse needs of today’s students and why differentiation is necessary in the competitive education market. This one has some great predictions about where higher education is going.

No. 5 Bloomberg Aptitude Test for Finance319 Downloads

Intead talked with CEO of the Bloomberg Institute's Rob Langrick, in early 2015 to discuss The Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT). The BAT is becoming a noteworthy credential for young finance professionals. This free, standardized test can be shared with employers to help students promote their skills. The scores do not include university names, so students are only judged by their scores alone, rather than the recognition or rank of their institution. It is an interesting take on rankings and test scores and worth a listen.

No. 4Innovation in Education: Conversing with Codecademy328 Downloads

Looking for a podcast on new educational models? Look no further than our 4th most popular podcast with Nikhil Abraham of Codecademy. Codeacademy is the leader in online coding education. Abraham chats about how traditional institutions can use similar innovative techniques and the future of Codeacademy.

No. 3A Former Foreign Service Officer Explains the Visa Interview Process363 Downloads

In an interesting podcast concerning the visa process, Tony Edson shares how you can help students improve their chances at visa interviews. Edson, a former Foreign Service Officer, talks about what consular officers are looking for during interviews and why you should schedule a meeting with the visa or consular chief when you visit a recruiting destination.

No. 2Cultivating International Student Recruitment Success490 Downloads

Dr. Philomena Mantella, Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Life at Northeastern University, joined Intead to discuss the university’s steady and impressive international student growth in the last few years. Dr. Mantella focuses heavily on why institutions must play on their strengths and use the campus community in order to recruit.

No. 1A conversation about cultural differences with author Gary Althen697 Downloads

With almost 700 downloads, our discussion with Gary Althen, author of the book “American Ways: A Cultural Guide to the United States,” has the most listens of any other Intead podcast. Althen offers specific insight into cultural differences between the U.S. and China. This podcast focuses particularly on the different views and expectations surrounding individualism and collectivism.

Did you miss some of these the first time around? Now is the perfect opportunity to listen in, whether for the first time or if you’re coming back for more. Absorb all of the info that these industry experts have to offer and let us know which ones you find most valuable.

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