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Need Blind Admissions

If you are an academically talented student with limited financial means, applying to the top academic institutions makes financial sense. The top universities are prepared to meet the needs of students. They are deploying their financial endowment strength to deliver on the promise of need-based grants.

Our need-blind admissions chart (seen above) details different universities’ overall acceptance rates vs receiving need-based financial aid. Data was pulled from the 2012 New York Times Admission rates report. As noted, the lower scale shows the acceptance rate with Harvard being most selective, and the upper scale measures the need-based financial aid component.

We all want to believe in that promise of higher education regardless of financial means. Unfortunately, not all schools can offer grants to meet the need. Endowment size is a critical factor in a school's ability to offer need-blind admissions and deliver on that promise. These top 20 universities are in a unique position due to their financial strength and endowment size.

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