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Ben Waxman & Michael Waxman-Lenz

Internationalization: This Is How We Do It

With a tip of the hat to Montell Jordan and his old school hip hop (“This Is How We Do It”), today we are pleased to give you a prime example of how you target an audience and reach them through great PR content.

Admittedly, we are a bit biased on this one.

We are talking about Intead’s co-founder Michael Waxman-Lenz who is now Acting CEO of the Technion Society, the fundraising arm of The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

In his new role, Michael is responsible for getting the word out about how Technion flourishes and all the great things Technion the institute continues to achieve. An enviable, global institution based in Haifa, Israel with partnerships with Shantou University in Shantou, China and Cornell Tech in New York City, among other internationalization initiatives, Technion’s work in so many areas demonstrates exactly why we all believe so strongly in the value of international student mobility.

The pace of advancement on a global scale, the interchange of knowledge, the cross-cultural idea generation, and the bonds that develop as we gather together with common goals -- these are all front and center for the institutions, like Technion, that embrace academic internationalization.

Recently, Michael published an article in JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) providing us all with a concrete examples of how Technion’s international network of faculty, researchers and students produces world-changing results.

Read on for this clear example of “How We Do It!” or how we should all do it…

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How to develop an addiction to learning – the future of education

“Make learning more affordable and effective (and perhaps addictive) – Learn until you understand, not fail.”   Most of us involved in education, would generally agree with such overarching goals, right?

How do we achieve these goals? Ryan Craig answers this question in the forthcoming book College Disrupted (March 2015). We will summarize the the themes of this book here. 

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Grad student mobility in 2024 is easy to predict. Really?

“It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” as Yogi Berra is famously quoted as saying.

In general, it seems much more fun to make long-term predictions, since nobody will check back whether we are right or wrong. And yet, with this blog coinciding with Election Day, there are plenty of pundits making all kinds of near term predicitions as we write this blog. At least half of them are going to be wrong. Will any of us go back and take them to task?

So why all this talk about predictions? The British Council published their 2024 forecast for postgraduate mobility trendsICEF was kind enough to post the full report. 

Elevator summary: 
  • Continued strong growth in post-graduate mobility 
  • The U.S. is projected to grow 4% per year and host 407,000 graduate students (Good news since the graduate school deans were worried about their enrollment figures.)
  • India will be a driving force and Chinese graduate students are expected to increase despite a decline of 30 million students in China
  • Useful summary of demographic trends for higher education 
  • The status quo is projected forward without any impact from technological, policy or attitudinal changes

The authors state clearly that they rely on trends, "for which there is data available, and do not take into account other variables that may affect international student mobility in the future."

We'll be honest with you, we are really struggling with this last line. Making predictions about the future without considering other variables for which you have no data? Hmmmm.

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Exciting Changes to Intead's Blog

Attention loyal readers-- we have some exciting news to share. Big changes are coming to our blog. Update: Same caliber of information, delivered weekly. 

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Watch out College President - MIT is leaving the Ivory Tower

Welcome back to Intead Insights. We are refreshed by our summer hiatus and eager to share our perspective on an extremely valuable report out of MIT (just a stone’s throw from our Boston office if you have a really good arm).

MIT published an incredibly exciting, insightful and highly promising report about its future plans.  The report developed 16 recommendations that are worth reading- even if you choose not to read the 200 pages of appendices.   ;-)

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Enrollment Planning Insights: Latest Global Marketing Workshop Data

Chinese students submit their SAT scores to twice as many colleges than international students from other countries. What does that mean for your yield enrollment marketing and your yield projections? College Board and IIE presented new data at the Intead Global Marketing Workshop held at the SUNY Global Center in NYC last week. You can view the whole presentation here. 

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Beyond the data - influencing international student decision making

Understanding your prospective international students is a perpetual task. Our colleagues from Hobsons Australia and UK published this report with sound advice, called "Beyond the data - influencing international student decision making" 

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Online Education = it's a global thing

Mary Meeker has become well-known and lauded for her annual PowerPoint. This year is no different. Her 164-page PowerPoint on key global internet and technology trends is a treasure trove. Mary's information helps us show you more about the trends that will affect your university marketing. As you know, your customers are early adopters and they drive these trends. We all fear falling behind as technology advances. Don't get caught off guard. Read on...

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Cosmetology Bigger Than Business Programs, Really?

Google is a powerful force in all of our lives. Searching for a education options is no exception. So, what can search trends can tell us about our area of work? Google shares a quarterly report on the latest search trends in education. We'll share the highlights. 

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Online Teaching Implementation: Tuition & Marketing

Online learning is becoming integral part of teaching and education. We recently covered the impact of Khan Academy (Insight: Recruiting Students with Video: Lessons from Khan Academy), today we are looking at how public universities cope with that challenge and opportunity. We selected a report from American Association of State Colleges (AASCU) and Learninghouse, called Online Learning at Public Universities a new path to a degree, addressing the implementation of online teaching at universities. 

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