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Transformation of Higher Education - New Books in 2015

The transformation of higher education is a hot topic for authors.  Two new books will be released this spring by Kevin Carey from the New America Institute and Ryan Craig from University Ventures. While the authors have very different professional backgrounds - a policy analyst versus a professional venture capital manager -- they derive at similar conclusions and insights about the future of higher education.  Higher education as we know it will not be sustainable according to the authors and a great deal of disruption and change will be upon future student generations.  

Both books have a remarkable optimism that sees the future of education with greater access, more innovation, better outcomes and lower costs.   Yet change will not happen without pain for many existing institutions. 

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Watch out College President - MIT is leaving the Ivory Tower

Welcome back to Intead Insights. We are refreshed by our summer hiatus and eager to share our perspective on an extremely valuable report out of MIT (just a stone’s throw from our Boston office if you have a really good arm).

MIT published an incredibly exciting, insightful and highly promising report about its future plans.  The report developed 16 recommendations that are worth reading- even if you choose not to read the 200 pages of appendices.   ;-)

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Five Trends to Watch in Higher Education

Five Trends to Watch in Higher Education, published this month by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a management consulting group, has some dramatic and valuable things to say. You may recall that last week, we presented our thoughts on another BCG report in our Intead Insight: Can Millennials Change Marketing Forever? Uh, yes (eyeroll). We certainly consider both of these BCG reports worthy your attention. 

In this latest BCG report, the authors talk about influential forces rather than trends, saying that "five forces are reshaping Higher Education." Today, we'll review these forces and offer up a few of the report's charts that we find the most informative and intriguing.

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Are University Presidents worried about the right things?

University President is a high profile and very challenging position. Trends in higher education are not making the position easier. As a result, we were interested in this little study of What Presidents Think underwritten by Pearson and published by the Chronicle of Higher Education. 

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