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Bem-vindos! International Student Recruitment in Brazil [podcast]

Brazil is the buzz word in international education recruitment these days. And we know that you want to learn as much as you can about Brazil. What do you need to know about Brazil in order to make your recruitment strategy more effective? This podcast will give you a great deal of useful information to build or expand your Brazilian student recruitment.


Vicki Seefeldt West, Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions and International Student Recruitment at Ohio University, joins Lisa Cynamon Mayers, Intead’s Academic Advisor, in an exciting discussion about entering and building a higher education presence in Brazil. All discussions of emerging markets for international student recruitment include discussion of Brazil. Ms. West’s experience recruiting in Brazil will be useful for any higher education professionals contemplating the Brazilian market.

Ms. West begins the conversation by explaining how Ohio University began its recruitment efforts in Brazil. She explains the way in which Ohio U. has partnered with FPP EduMedia in recruitment travel and building a marketing presence. The Ohio U. and FPP partnership has been incredibly useful to Ohio U.’s success in Brazil.

The ways in which Brazilian students would like to experience study abroad has been shifting from short term programs to longer, degree-seeking opportunities. Responding to the changing Brazilian environment for education abroad is essential. Ms. West notes that many Brazilian students ask about financial assistance and scholarship opportunities. Properly educating Brazilian students and parents on financing options is important as well.

Ms. West explains the ways in which current Brazilian students are working hard to recruit additional Brazilian students to the campus. There is a real momentum on Ohio U.’s campus and current Brazilian students are proud participants in the recruitment effort. You can access a video (see below)  created by Ohio U.’s Brazilian students to augment their recruitment work. This inexpensive production was completely created by students for students. It is a wonderful example of the way in which current students can energize recruitment efforts, and do so on a shoestring budget.

The conversation includes discussion of:
1. Challenges to Brazilian student recruitment
2. Differences between Brazil and other recruitment markets
3. Future trends in Brazilian student recruitment