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EducationUSA offers a whole range of distribution channels to universities, one of which is this  weekly RSS feed with news from universities.


19. EducationUSA YouTube channel

Another interesting distribution channel reaching many countries is the EducationUSA YouTube channel.  This channel has a large number of videos on a wide range of US education related topics.  The channel seems to have gained some audience traction, with more than 170,000 views over the years. 

EducationUSA YouTube Channel

20. Text messages (instead of or in addition to emails) 


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21. Interviewing services

Selection of international students in general may be challenging, but universities face a particular challenge in selecting Chinese applicants.  The magnitude of highly qualified candidates from China has put a particular spotlight on this country. Furthermore, the media is abuzz with articles about falsified documents and uncertain credentials from students applying from some of these countries.

You can remedy this issue in part through  in-person and digital remote student interviews.  It is often not practical to send your own staff for extended periods, on top of the logistical effort required to arrange such interviews.  If existing alumni are available, they can be helpful.  However, schools typically have not yet developed a seasoned alumni pool in China. So here are a few solutions:

CIEE.org Interviewing services

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