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Podcast: An Insider Examines Chinese Student Recruitment

Every month the 2nd and 4th Thursdays will be devoted to highlighting our library of podcasts. We believe stongly that information can be conveyed in a number of ways. We hope that you will continue to read our blog and also take advantage of the opportunity to listen to our podcasts at your desk, the gym or during your commute. Through 20-30 minute podcasts we hope to introduce our readers/listeners to a variety of compelling topics related to international higher education. We hope you enjoy our podcasts and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

Gabriel Monteros, Director and Senior Consultant at Xueer, joins Michael Waxman-Lenz, founder and CEO of Intead in a discussion about Mr. Monteros’ work with Chinese students and their parents. In his role with Xueer, Mr. Monteros plays a pivotal role in guiding and advising Chinese families through the application and admission process. His firsthand experience allows for an exciting discussion about the Chinese perspective on the U.S. college application process.

chinese students

The conversation begins with Mr. Monteros explaining what matters to Chinese prospective students and their parents. He explains that in Chinese families the priorities of the parents are extremely important, often overriding those of the students. A top priority for parents is for students to gain admission to the highest ranking university possible. Since there is an incredible knowledge gap about the US education system, Mr. Monteros spends a good deal of his time educating students and parents about US higher education, while attempting to downplay the significance of the rankings, most notably those produced by US News and World Report. Trying to convey the importance of fit is challenging with the prevailing cultural norms of Chinese society.

When asked what US institutions can do if they are not ranked favorably, Mr. Monteros speaks of the importance of conveying value and post-graduation opportunities to the extremely practical Chinese parents. He cites the success of the University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign in crafting its marketing message to Chinese families.

The discussion also covers applicant document validity/fraud and alternatives to current application requirements that may help to diminsh fraud. When international students are asked to provide documents that are not culturally relevant, such as teacher or counselor recommendations, occurrences of fraud increase tremendously. Mr. Monteros suggests some reasonable alternatives that could be used for assessing international students' academic preparedness.

Future trends in the recruitment of Chinese students for international higher education are also discussed. The perspective of an insider is incredibly useful for anyone working in international higher education, particularly in China. Click here to listen to the podcast or go to iTunes podcasts and search for INTEAD.