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Don't Forget Why Education Matters


A new year calls for new beginnings. We're always a little sentimental given the fresh start to the new year. In the years we've been working in higher education we've noticed an increasing negativity towards higher education. At the core of everything we do we believe strongly in higher education-- access, affordability, creative approaches, and positive change. We know why education matters.




We see the difference education makes daily. We see the positive impact of higher education professionals across every field and discipline. We want to celebrate why education matters. And we hope you'll join us in our inspirational campaign.




We established the site Why Education Matters with the goal of providing education professionals with high quality images and meaningful quotations. We want to encourage our readers to visit this site and take advantage of the opportunity to download these images without any fees or restrictions. We want you to use these images in your social media campaigns, marketing materials, or anywhere else you see fit. We encourage you to join the movement. Use this link to download the images without cost or obligation.




Education is important. Education matters. Let's work together to show the world why.