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Don't Forget Why Education Matters


A new year calls for new beginnings. We're always a little sentimental given the fresh start to the new year. In the years we've been working in higher education we've noticed an increasing negativity towards higher education. At the core of everything we do we believe strongly in higher education-- access, affordability, creative approaches, and positive change. We know why education matters.

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Is Education Losing the PR War?

As admissions officers and higher education marketers, we are out there "selling," "marketing," and "explaining" our institutions and services. We are all committed to the value of education. Most of us appreciate the environment and respect the act of learning. University academic staff liked college so much that they never left school!  But what is happening around us?   We are selling into an environment that does not necessarily prioritize education for the sake of education, but is rightly looking for a preparation for life with a focus on professionalism. 

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Powerful Images for International Student Recruitment

We have entered the season in which we become fully entrenched in deep thoughts on learning and growing, living and celebrating. There will be memorable moments shared by families throughout the world. It is graduation season, a time when we review accomplishments of the past and look towards future achievements. Celebrated college graduation speakers often draw upon quotes of earlier orators and authors. Those very best life lessons are distilled into brilliant quotes for future generations to share and appreciate. We at Intead would like to commend all recent graduates, as well as the individuals who are called upon to give the commencement addresses. Our passion for education runs deep; we celebrate and promote education everyday on our site Why Education Matters

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Enhancing International Student Recruitment Through Images

When we launched Why Education Matters in December 2013 we hoped that our new venture would capture and engage the public. We have been astounded by the warm embrace and excitement this new website has generated. Now that we're well on our way and know that many of you have visited and enjoyed the site, we want to tell you how you can use our incredible images...for FREE!

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Introducing: Why Education Matters

If you are reading this, chances are you have a vested interest in higher education. You believe strongly in the importance of education for all people, all ages, all backgrounds and ethnicities. Lately the media and many authors have focused on the demise of higher education, the unnecessary time and money spent in receiving an education, and the overall downfall of higher education. While we believe that higher education administrators will find ways to improve the current state of higher education in the US, we also believe in the fundamental importance of higher education. We're going to take on that negativity with something positive-- we want to show why education matters.

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To a successful new college admissions year

College admission cycles are like the seasons of the year. If you follow a traditional admissions cycle you know what it's like to live through the cycles of the process. Many schools are admitting more frequently than annually but there is still a big new start in the fall.  

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