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Powerful Images for International Student Recruitment

We have entered the season in which we become fully entrenched in deep thoughts on learning and growing, living and celebrating. There will be memorable moments shared by families throughout the world. It is graduation season, a time when we review accomplishments of the past and look towards future achievements. Celebrated college graduation speakers often draw upon quotes of earlier orators and authors. Those very best life lessons are distilled into brilliant quotes for future generations to share and appreciate. We at Intead would like to commend all recent graduates, as well as the individuals who are called upon to give the commencement addresses. Our passion for education runs deep; we celebrate and promote education everyday on our site Why Education Matters

If you haven't ever visited Why Education Matters, now is a great time to do so. Even if you've been to the site in the past, come on back and start using the images to their best advantage. We're all feeling a little more sentimental about another academic year passing. It's natural to be feeling appreciative of education and all that it offers those who are students and those who contribute to the education of those students. Why Education Matters allows us to celebrate our passion for education by combining striking images with meaningful quotations. 


We want you and your colleagues to use our library of images in your marketing materials, both print and digital. If you seek robust, powerful images to enhance your marketing efforts, look no further. Why Education Matters images are ready for you to use in your blogs, Facebook and Twitter campaigns and print campaigns.

As you listen to commencement addresses or take inspirational photos on your campus, please send images and quotes our way. We would love to include quotes from recent commemcement speakers. In fact, please share any pearls of wisdom pertaining to education. As we've mentioned in the past, for every quote that is submitted we will donate $2 to the Malala Fund, our further commitment to education.

Enjoy this exciting time of year. And don't forget about our free online resource to enhance your work...and your feelings of timely sentimentality.