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Enhancing International Student Recruitment Through Images

When we launched Why Education Matters in December 2013 we hoped that our new venture would capture and engage the public. We have been astounded by the warm embrace and excitement this new website has generated. Now that we're well on our way and know that many of you have visited and enjoyed the site, we want to tell you how you can use our incredible images...for FREE!

Thanks to our incredible readers and supporters, to date we've received over 100 quotes! Our lofty goal of collecting 1000 education related quotes seems achievable. We are in the process of matching these inspiring quotes with beautiful images. Every time you visit the Why Education Matters site you will see new images and quotes added to the gallery. Here is one of my personal favorites:


The feedback we've received from all of you has been extraordinary. Not only have you shared quotes but you've also told us your personal stories as well. Rod Campbell, a teacher for more than 50 years and founder of Education Through Literacy sent us an email that included ten quotes. That's $20 to be donated to the Malala Fund! He wrote:

Education is the most potent force in changing people's lives. My parents completed primary/elementary school. I have a PhD that took me 36 years of work and night college to obtain as I could not afford to attend university full time. My mother ensured that all six of her children attained secondary education, and five of her children have university degrees and three of those children are teachers. All but one of her grandchildren are university-trained professional persons, working across the globe in business and in branches of the health profession. That narrative is repeated through the families of three of my mother's siblings...Teaching is a profession that values children, learners, knowledge and culture. No other profession provides its practitioners with such a vast array of opportunities to grow while helping others. Few other professions leave their practitioners open to the whims and opinions of persons whose self-interest masquerades as high moral purpose acting through the narrow ideologies of both extremes of the political spectrum. If you value the future, value and train your teachers for effective teaching.

Dr. Campbell, thank you for sharing your kind words and thoughts on education with the Intead Team and our readers.

Without a doubt Why Education Matters has an emotional appeal but there is also a practical side to this site. We firmly believe that Why Education Matters images can help in your international student marketing campaigns. We've created these images for you. We want to encourage you to use these free images in your print and digital campaigns. After you register on the Why Education Matters site you will be included in our database to receive monthly emails which will include a series of images.

We will send you three different sizes of each image every month. The three sizes are already formatted to be used for Facebook, LinkedIn and then for any other purpose you can imagine. We encourage you to use these free images in your social media campaigns, blogs, websites, and print materials. As publisher of this blog and an avid social media user I know the challenges we all face in finding fresh, interesting, engaging conten. We want to make things easier for you by providing beautiful content through Why Education Matters.

The Director of Admissions at my daughters' preschool-grade 8 independent school was so impressed with Why Education Matters that she immediately registered and is already determining creative ways for using the content we provide. Although we envisioned universities as our primary target group for using the images, we would encourage you to share the site and the images with friends and colleagues in all levels of education.

As you begin to incorporate the images into your marketing and recruitment campaigns, please share your stories with us. We would love to hear how you've used the images. Also, please keep those quotes coming and your personal stories as well. We love to hear from our readers and look forward to hearing from many of you.