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Educational Instruction Methods

Source: Published on e-literate (www.mfeldstein.com) and www.deltainitiative.com

Universities today are involved in increasingly complex modes of instructional delivery methods. To support these new methods, they are faced with mounting pressures to invest more than in the past. Delta Initiative published a chart (shown above) on education delivery models in a four-part series of articles in the blog e-literate. http://bit.ly/Competency-Based_Online_Education
Source: Published on e-literate (www.mfeldstein.com) and www.deltainitiative.com

Historically in-class teaching instruction has dominated post-high school education. This chart shows clearly the growth of other methods of teaching instruction that are still evolving. For example, on-line classes pair with in-class faculty lectures. Universities are partnering with third-party providers to deliver various types of digital content. These new content types require increased team effort and often collaboration across functions and design teams. Investment requirements increase commensurately, into individual course design, technology support and video creation, to name a few.

Teaching methods used to be much simpler. One would hire a professor. Students were taught in classrooms. In contrast, today’s broadened array of format and delivery channels means greater complexities and greater financing needs for all parties involved; but it also means increased opportunities for reaching students in more innovative ways and improved teaching outcomes.

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