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Change Agents Need Reliable Information

Change Agents Need Reliable Information

2017 was too much to define in a single headline. A departure from the norm, as many have said.

The ramifications of the changes that occurred during the course of 2017 will be felt for years to come. They will play out in ways none of us can predict, for better or worse. While these kinds of statements or platitudes are always true, this is a period of more dramatic change than the US, and the world, have experienced for some time.

At a policy level, Mr. Trump came into office promising radical change. He has delivered on that promise. When change agents enter any situation, and they have some level of support, conflict ensues.

This is a time to gather the wisdom of others and make plans. Certainly not a time to sit tight and wait out the storm. You know those early birds gathering those worms...those are the birds that planned to get out there early and act.

Read on to gain a bit more perspective and be one of those early birds...

Dramatic change is hard to grapple with, for all involved -- those seeking change and those resisting it. We are all watching these changes play out and participating in them as we are inclined or able to.

As the academic industry here in the US, and around the world, continues to pursue the opportunity to exchange ideas and economic growth across borders, those borders are, at times, thwarting our efforts. We look for ways to continue pursuing our mission.

Universities and private high schools enrolling international students open minds and doors of opportunity. We firmly believe this and advocate for the policies that keep us all connected. Not isolated.

With dramatic change, policies matter. Sweeping change often disregards what has worked before while exalting the concept of change. When change agents are not steeped in the complexities of the issues, and they typically are not, it becomes all the more important that those of us who ARE steeped in the issues have a loud voice.

We must be the valued sources of information that guide policy change for the better.

To that end, we make progress when we gather, discuss and advocate.

As a team, the folks here at Intead attend the important industry conferences, learn from others and share our research and insights as often as we can. Many of you have already downloaded our most recent ebooks. There is more to come on that front later this month (watch this space).

The opportunity to learn from all of you and add meaningful data and experience to the conversation is so important right now, to all of us.

There are a number of upcoming opportunities to convene, discuss, and learn that are significant.

We’ve heard the timeless quote before, often attributed to Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

We hope we will see you at some of the following gatherings. Please reach out (info@intead.comif you’d like to schedule a chat with one of us. We want to hear about what is important to you. And our hunch is, our research can be helpful to you as you make your plans to be the early bird.

Learning Opportunities of Real Value:

  • Intead/TABS High School Webinar -- Jan 9 free, online and all about International Student Recruiting for private high schools
  • International Student Recruitment Bootcamp -- Feb 11-13 in San Diego we will be hosting, with CGACC, our 2nd annual hands on, small and focused workshop with an array of amazing industry experts. Walk out with your customized global marketing plan and a fresh outlook on the opportunities around us. Bring your domestic marketing colleagues (it will make your job easier). Space is really limited - sign up quickly.
  • AIEA -- Feb 18-21 in Washington, DC, we will be presenting "Maximizing Your Indian University Partnerships" alongside Lakshmi Iyer from Sannam S4 and Jon Stauff from Monmouth University
  • Forum on International Education -- Mar 28-29 in Moscow we will be presenting on the use of global digital marketing to attract/enroll international students
  • NAFSA National -- May 27-June 1 in Philadelphia we will be presenting "Who's Got Your Back? Applying Internal Strategic Alignment Towards Int'l Recruitment Goals" alongside 
    Martyn J. Miller from Temple University and Jon Stauff from Monmouth University

Next week, we will post links to our Top 10 blogs of 2017 so you can catch up on all the information your peers found most valuable last year. 

Wait, what's that sound? Oh, we can hear all of you early birds chirping ;-)

Happy 2018!