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Recruiting Intel Digest - The Most Useful Stuff from Q1 2024

Q1 2024 - recruiting intel digest


Admissions teams are working a little harder this admissions season, thanks to a few external inputs. We’re looking at you Supreme Court and FAFSA. That’s not to mention the many conversations we know you’re having on standardized tests. Just a bit more to add to your standard workload of actually recruiting, admitting and enrolling students. So, if you’re a little (or a lot) behind on your Recruiting Intelligence reading, then this is the post for you. We’ve compiled all our top news from Q1 2024 into this one spot.  

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: HAPPENING TODAY  “Shattering Accessibility Limits in Digital Learning,” a Chronicle of Higher Ed-hosted webinar. Featuring Gallaudet President Roberta Cordano and ansrsource CEO Rajiv Narayana. Register here. (All registrants will receive the recording even if they cannot attend.) 

Let’s talk international student enrollment at the upcoming AIRC Spring Symposium on April 30, 2024. This one-day event in beautiful Niagara, Canada, will explore best practices in developing, managing, assessing, and sustaining the many partnerships that are so foundational to international enrollment success. While there, be sure to attend Intead's session all about student recruitment marketing budgets – we've got some great new insights to share. Register today! 

And look for us at these other industry events coming around the bend: 

  • ICEF North America in Niagara, Canada, May 1-3, 2024. 
  • NAFSA 2024 Annual Conference and Expo in New Orleans, May 28-31, 2024.  

Hope to see you soon! 

ICYMI: What we were posting about this quarter:  

  • STEM OPT – personal narratives and growing demand 
  • LMS “learnability” – accessibility is not the same as learnability 
  • Shortcut tools (AI anyone?) – how to take a template approach wisely 
  • Vietnam as a top student source – and not just for US institutions 
  • Budgeting framework tools – a free download to help your team plan ahead 
  • Audience segmentation – why cultural nuance matters 
  • Social media – a looksee into what your peers are up to online 
  • And more 

 All really good stuff. Read on… 

Here are the top posts from this past quarter: 

How “Learnable” is Your LMS Content? 
Little discussed, but hugely valuable to your student success efforts – learnability that goes beyond accessibility. In this post we focus on both aspirational and pragmatic approaches to solving specific digital accessibility challenges that are likely not on your radar. An opportunity to merge your pragmatic self with your aspirational self.   

The Questionable Use of Shortcut Tools – ChatGPT and Templates 
We want to help you, as a marketer, use enticing shortcuts like AI and marketing templates wisely and avoid falling into the banality of functionality – the death knell of any marketing effort and potentially, the killer of a brand's soul. This post gives you our perspective on modern shortcut tools and an actionable checklist of AI tools worth evaluating. 

Yes, You Should be in Vietnam, But Here’s the Thing… 
With the very real concern of declining domestic enrollment numbers, US institutions are right to broaden their recruitment strategies, including their international reach. Thinking beyond traditional student markets, like China and India, is old news by now. You’ve diversified your draw and Vietnam has been on your list, right? We share 3 big reasons why Vietnam is a top student source for markets around the world. 

Budgeting Framework for Student Enrollment Projects (and More) 
Are you in a position to approve funding requests from others? Or are you the one asking for funds? We have some perspective that can help you either way. Download our framework for evaluating budget requests based on your ability to achieve defined goals. It’s a quick one-pager. 

The Changing International Enrollment Realities 

We know your prospective students are eager to earn a quality degree and build a career. So, if your academics align with their goals, then you’ve already got their interest. The question then: how do you get them to your campus? We offer actionable insights on using their career motivations to your advantage. 

The International POV – 2 Intead Staffers Reflect on OPT 

Are you talking to your international students to understand their enrollment decision points? Tianyu Shen is a business analyst from China. Isabel is a digital campaign manager from Peru. These two members of the Intead team, both on STEM OPT programs through Northeastern University and Hult International Business School respectively, have amazing stories as international students, travelers, explorers, and knowledge workers here in the US. Take a moment to read their personal reflections. We promise it will be worth your while. 

Required: Cultural Nuance in Edu Marketing 

Cultural nuance is no “nice to have.” It’s a must – for both domestic and international student segmentation marketing. Does your current team understand this? Do they have the deep consumer insights needed to attract, recruit, and convert different cultural cohorts? Let’s get into it. Click here.  

Peer Check: How Edu Marketers Use Social Media to Engage 

Don’t blame Gen Z, but their insatiable appetite for social media can create quite the content grind on the backend. We hear it from our clients. Why must engaging social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which afford marketers all the playfulness and flexibility you could ever want, require so much time and attention? It’s the lament of the modern marketer. Our advice: stay calm and click on. Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration from others who are playing in your same space.  

Omnichannel Marketing 101 
If something isn’t online, does it even exist? We jest, and yet, without a strong online brand presence, many prospective students and their families really won’t know you exist. Read this post to better understand the why omnichannel marketing matters and how you can use it to engage your target audiences and grow your enrollment numbers.  

AIRC 2023 Reflections: Slides Now Available 
Didn’t make the conference? No problem. Ben shares his top 3 takeaways from the conference. Plus, access the slides from two Intead-led sessions – the first all about AI’s role in enrollment management, the second on the enrollment team staffing challenges many institutions are facing today. Find the post here. 

And that’s a wrap on Q1. It’s been a busy one. So, if you need a partner to help you think beyond your inbox, be in touch. We know a really talented team ready to dive into strategy, data, creative, and all the meaningful details of smart marketing. Be in touch: info@intead.com. 

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