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Recruiting Intelligence

The Motivation to Seek Education



Welcome back to our Recruiting Intelligence Blog. With this blog, we hope to peak your curiosity.

Our team has been hard at work over the summer reviewing data and conducting research. Stay tuned each week and we will share our best work with you.

And as you plan your international student recruiting activities, consider that Intead will be presenting on topics of Global Marketing at 3 upcoming conferences:

Today, we are talking about the motivations to seek education. What makes people curious?

Benefits of Curiosity

At Intead, we consider ourselves perpetual students. Curiosity is a key employee trait here and this trait is increasingly discussed by senior business managers and HR professionals. The curious seek new information on their own. They thirst for new ideas and want to learn from others who have experience. They come with built-in motivation.

HR professionals are increasingly interested in how to identify people with a high curiosity quotient because they make great additions to any organization. Do you think your academic programs are nurturing curiosity in your students?

What we find is that those who are curious often seek opportunities to share their knowledge. They become teachers of others – either in the traditional sense or simply by sharing information with their colleagues, becoming mentors. Their careers tend to move forward..

Our Intead staff are driven this way and we share what we learn in our blog, our research reports, our e-books and our conference presentations. At this year’s ICEF Workshop in Miami, we will be presenting the 3rd Annual ICEF Pre-Conference Global Marketing Seminar [Register Here], with a deeper dive into how to build a robust and scalable global marketing program for your institution.

The hands-on sessions will focus on:

  • How to Improve on What You Have by Pamela Barrett, Barton Carlyle
  • How to Succeed with Recruiting Agents by Chris Price, Barton Carlyle
  • How to Use Digital Marketing Globally by Ben Waxman & Kellie Faulkner, Intead

The result: marketing techniques to bring your international student recruiting to a new level.

Agent Recruiting is Growing

We highly recommend the ICEF North America Workshop. This is a place to learn about and engage with the best international recruiting agents. This event helps you find, and work effectively with, a set of agents who will work hard for you. And the Miami location cannot be beat – right on Miami Beach :-)

More U.S. institutions are building agent networks, or at least exploring the idea. There are pitfalls and many in our field have serious and legitimate concerns about the process. Not all agents will work hard for you. And this is why organizations like AIRC and ICEF are so important to helping institutions employ best practices and navigate this recruiting avenue successfully.

Those interested in learning more right now can take advantage of two great resources (free from Intead):

  1. Our highly popular "Why We Use Agents" blog post from earlier this year by Hongqian Su, one of our Chinese student interns, about her firsthand experience using a recruiting agent. This blog post points to the confusion and time pressure students feel and how agents, like them or not, help students navigate the process.
  2. Our Agent Network Planning e-Book. Our interviews and research with 40 of your peers working in this industry explaining how they have built successful international recruiting agent networks. This ebook has been viewed 2,737 times by your colleagues since we published in 2013.

Come to our conference presentations and sate your curiosity. These are ideal places to learn, grow and improve. You’ll return to your institution with a host of new ideas and sample work plans to tweak and implement as you recruit those ever curious and adventurous international students.

Will we be seeing you at any of our events? Comment here and let your colleagues know. We’ll be looking for you!