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Recruiting Intelligence

10 valuable chapters of cross-culture learning

My wife and I have been working on time management for most of our marriage (>20 years). I have to admit that I am slightly obsessed about being on time.  Timeliness is one of those traits, that is part of my “cultural software." Why?  I grew up in Germany and timeliness matters more in Germany than most other countries.

Global Dexterity is a book about diagnosing cultural code.  Author Andy Molinsky provides a great deal of rich anecdotes around behavior that is appropriate, understandable and (un)acceptable in various cultural contexts.

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Beyond Our Borders International Student Recruiting: College Fairs

You are reading an excerpt from our e-book "88 Ways to Recruit International Students" (Click here to read the entire book)

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Beyond Our Borders International Student Recruiting: Visits

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How to improve the productivity of international recruiting trips

Travel to international markets and personal outreach to students and parents is an important element of student recruitment. No different than in your home recruitment activities, the personal touch can be a critical starting point of a relationship and a future enrollment.

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