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Recruiting Intelligence

What Do You Want to Learn? Vote for the Next Intead Webinar

What Do You Want to Learn? Vote for an Intead Webinar Topic

Please, share your ideas with us! 

Every day we spend time lovingly crafting content to help you and your team build a stronger approach to international recruitment. 

This week we simply want to know: What do you need most?  What would you like us to research?

As we continue to expand the offerings available as part of Intead Plus, we want to ensure that we are creating content that fills your needs and effectively supports your recruitment team. With so many facets of the recruitment process, there are so many possibilities! That's why we ask you, our loyal readers, to let us know what you need, right now.

Please take 30 seconds to fill out a one-question survey and let us know what you think!  

Preview the question: What topic would be most helpful for our team to cover in an upcoming Intead Plus webinar? 

  • Campus safety
  • Building partner relationships
  • Technology for recruitment
  • Lead scoring tactics
  • Bridging the gap between marketing and enrollment 
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Audience segmentation
  • International social media platforms
  • Analytics dashboards to track campaign performance
  • Other: Please specify

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