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Case Study in High-Value Regions: Bangladesh + Vietnam



Market diversification is one obvious answer to sustaining enrollment numbers. How to successfully go about it, however, is often less obvious. Looking beyond your own campus to see how others are doing it can help. So, we have a story to share. 

If you've seen our other case studies, you know we share more concrete details and data than any other agency out there. We want to make you that much more dangerous and demonstrate the value of investing in customized, creative, and well-tracked paid campaigns.

In 2021, a mid-tier, public, Midwest regional university needed to recruit international students. It’s a student segment they’d had success with in the past, but Covid, as it does, threw a wrench in their recruitment efforts. It became clear they needed new ways to reach prospective students residing overseas. We know you were wrestling with this very issue at the time, too. We all were. 

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The Intead team is gearing up for some amazing presentations and we hope you can join us. 

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Back to the results of our digital campaigns in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

With a media buy budget of $35,000, the institution was admittedly skeptical they’d be able to make any meaningful progress in a new market. We always want more wiggle room with our media buys, but we also felt certain they could succeed, with the right approach. They trusted our experience and the market research we delivered.

Our mission: understand who and where the prospective families are and then reach them in ways that prompt engagement. So our data detectives and creative talents set out to: 

  • Confirm the institution’s high-value student recruitment regions and where there might be room to grow
  • Develop on-brand, targeted, and effective digital marketing assets   
  • Launch and optimize digital campaigns to generate highly qualified leads (and build awareness, but really, we all want the high-value leads) 
  • And of course, report on campaign analytics to inform future marketing investments.

By any measurement, it went really well. One $12,000 media buy generated 40 million impressions, 500,000 clicks, 1,087 leads, 122 applications, 40 admitted students, and 7 enrolled. But who’s counting? (Please say you are!)

It was a fast, 14-week campaign involving two markets, two academic programs, and two social platforms. Want more insight? Download our free case study. Read on… 

To achieve this level of success, the campaign was built out of our highly-effective global market research, deep data analysis, and well-played creative content customized to each target student segment. And all of it was squarely focused on the institution’s unique needs. In this case, this meant identifying the international regions with the most potential for this particular institution. Our analysis pointed squarely to Vietnam as a country where the institution had past success and Bangladesh as a rising star worth testing. 

Grab the case study and set up a meeting with your team to review our results together. Are you able to track and analyze the results you produce? Does your analysis then drive decisions to optimize your next investments?

When was the last time you adjusted your digital campaigns based on your findings? Our team reviews results consistently and optimizes throughout the campaign. It helps to have external partners with consistent focus. Optimizing campaigns in real-time delivers far better results and, importantly, offers you more data to help you improve from year to year.  

If you’d like to learn more about how we partner with institutions, be in touch. We’d be happy to share more about the work we’ve done and discuss work we could be doing for you to support your goals and your current team's efforts. 

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our upcoming posts on recruiting realities in Vietnam and Bangladesh. Really interesting markets for universities to think about right now. 

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