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Going It Alone? You’ll Want A Library

going-at-it-aloneBudget year is wrapping up and once again, you’ve been informed that you won’t get the level of funding you said you needed to truly move the needle. We get it. We’ve been there. Resources are always scarce. And yes, it can be extremely frustrating.

But you are a professional and you know how this goes. You do your moment of Zen and break out your trusty strategic planning process that you keep tucked away in that part of your brain. What are your true priorities? Where can you use your limited resources to push hard and fast? The goal! Keep the real business goal in mind.

And don’t forget to bring the positive energy to your team along with the plan. We all need that spirited lift that brings the team together and makes everyone feel the common purpose.

And there’s one more thing you’re going to want to have with you: a deep and powerful resource library that guides your strategy and execution when the inevitable obstacles arise along the way.

We got you covered. Read on...

Intead has been publishing this blog weekly for nearly 10 years. Heck, back in the day when Michael and I started the company, we published two blogs a week, one on strategy and one on tactics, just because there was so much to talk about and no one else was doing it. Talk about a deep library of searchable content.

Today, we have so much more to help you do really well even when your resources are severely limited. Now is the time to access our Intead Plus library offering you:

  • planning worksheets (from our Bootcamps) that cover all the international student recruitment channels. Great stuff to help you asses the value of different regions, set up your social media plan, evaluate your in-country partner options, and so much more. 
  • ebooks with so much data and recruiting perspective. If you're a data geek, great. If not, no worries, our explanations of what the data means and what you should do next...well, you're reading our blog, you know we do that well.
  • our complete report on recruiting non-traditional students (yes, we go beyond international!). This ebook is the extended version with sample non-traditional student personas for you to use and much more to help you create a marketing plan.
  • webinars with insightful perspective on the many different recruitment pipelines - entertaining and informative.

All of this for $795/year.

Yes, there is more included. A custom Google Analytics report giving you insight into your international web traffic.

But wait, of course there is even more. Our experienced team will give you personalized consulting support based on the Google Analytics report, your goals and challenges. As an Intead Plus member, you’ll receive a discount on other Intead services when you have the budget to take it all further.

We hear it from our friends and colleagues at conferences all the time, “We wish we could afford to do more with you, but…” So, yes, we really do get it. And that is why we created Intead Plus. To share as much of our expertise and experience and planning tools with you as possible at a very reasonable cost. So even when you have to go it alone, we’re still there with you.

Tap us for all the strength, expertise and confidence you need. 

Intead Plus