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Thank you for your continued support of our Intead Recruiting Intelligence blog. As we so frequently recount, we are perpetual students; we thrive on conducting research, sharing trends and highlighting new developments in international education. Did you know that in addition to this blog that you are reading, we also publish another weekly blog called Intead Insights? Read on to learn more about what Intead Insights features and why you might be interested in subscribing to that blog as well.

We are well aware that you have limited time for blog reading. Our online universe is rich in articles, blogs and podcasts. No one has the time to spend reading blogs all day. That's why we focus on giving you the best information clearly, concisely and carefully curated to serve your interests.

New Call-to-action Our team constantly searches the web for the best research reports on academic issues, global marketing and international student recruitment. We select one report per week and highlight a few key findings and summarize the essence of the report with a few selected charts. We will always direct you to the original source of the report and give you access to the entire report if possible.

We have two objectives with Intead Insights:

1. We want to learn as much as we can about global education and the many related topics. It’s a form of our own professional development that in the end, serves you, our client, better.

2. We want to make you dangerous. We know that your email inbox is full and you have limited time. We are your research team bringing the most fascinating, useful and productive insights to your attention so that you can use them to your advantage.

We recently published an Intead Insight based on Google's quarterly report on the latest search trends in education. Do cosmetology program searches outrank business program searches? 

Google is a powerful force in all of our lives. Searching for a education options is no exception. So, what can search trends can tell us about our area of work? We'll share the highlights.

Elevator summary for first quarter 2014 findings:

  • Education searches overall showed a small increase compared to the same quarter last year.
  • Bachelor's degree searches account for 25% of all education related searches and grew slightly, while MBA searches accounting for another 25% fell slightly for the quarter.
  • Searches for Cosmetology and Hospitality degree programs grew most, while Art & Design and Criminal Justices fell.

Read more from this Intead Insight, Cosmetology Bigger Than Business Programs, Really? and then subscribe to Intead Insights today. Don't miss another fascinating analysis of relevant international higher education data.

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