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Recruiting Intelligence

International student recruitment is rather rudimentary

What do I mean by "rudimentary?" Maybe I should have stated that U.S. domestic student recruitment has become more and more sophisticated over the past few years. This trend will accelerate with increased competition among schools across larger territories, more entries into hybrid and online brands that lend themselves to larger territories, and broader marketing campaigns. 

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Who owns whom in Higher Education Enrollment Marketing

I noticed in discussions with admissions officers their surprise that higher education companies own and use multiple brands.  These companies also offer a variety of services.  Because of my previous professional life of investment and Merger & Acquisition work, I tend to dig into the structure and origin of companies.  Hence, we launched a small summer project with our interns to research ownership of a few higher visibility and acquisitive companies.  In subsequent blogs we will cover brands and services owned by various companies.  Our selection will be completely subjective and not scientific.  If we miss an interesting company, please let us know.   

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The wide world of Hobsons' student recruitment business

We are continuing to work on our summer research project. Here is one of the companies we researched for you. To read the introduction to this project, click here:_http://bit.ly/whoownswhom

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Hobson’s International Qualification Converter - a product review


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