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Do You Speak Gen Z? Part 2

Do You Speak Gen Z Part 2

Today's focus? Gen Z career aspirations and values. According to a recent study, over 50% of Gen Zers have their sights set on one single career plan.

Any guesses?

Let's just say, there are certain practical skill-building programs that might deserve more of your investment. More on that in a moment.

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Last week we shared three key Gen Z traits to guide your recruitment marketing strategy.

This week we're diving a little deeper into the messaging part of enrollment management and student recruitment marketing. 

As usual, if any of the following insights get those marketing gears turning, we're here to talk. This is all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to engaging and converting this new audience, and we'd love to learn about how your institution is evolving to meet the unique needs of Gen Z.

Plus, if you want to learn even more from us at the AIRC Conference, read on for the scoop. 

Gen Zers Are Entrepreneurial

For the majority of Gen Z, the corporate world is a back-up plan. According to a recent Nielsen study, 54% of Gen Zers reported that they wanted to start their own company. Re-read that figure. Let that sink in.

What this means for your marketing: Reality check – not all Gen Zers with this business mindset will actually launch a new enterprise. But this is what they have in mind and for many, it will result in some extra revenue through an oh-so-hip side hustle. And you want to attract them to your institution.

A word to the wise: In addition to degree programs, promote your practical certifications and skills building classes that will equip them for their self-directed entry into professional life. Think classes in entrepreneurship, paid and mobile marketing, design, and web and app development, UX/UI, etc.

If you are seeking to learn more (of course you are),

Attend our favorite learning gathering: AIRC Annual Conference.

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  • The New Fight for Onshore International Students
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Gen Zers Are Mission and Community-focused

From a recent Snapchat/Kantar survey, 60% of Gen Z participants in the US said their favorite brand was recommended to them by friends and family vs. 52% of Millennials and 39% of Gen X. And when choosing their favorite brands, Gen Zers place a value on brands that care for their customers, the environment, and their community in a way that previous generations have not.

What this means for your marketing: Community and peer influence, whether in person or online, is key to connecting with this audience. You can learn more about student ambassadors and their effectiveness at each point in the funnel in our peer-to-peer eBook with Unibuddy (free to download). And while finances and program of study still reign supreme in Gen Z’s university decision-making, don’t discount the power of softer messaging. Show them that you care — about their future, their development, and the state of the world that they will inherit.

A word to the wise: That environment thing…double down there. Highlight your programs, your professors, your institutional commitment. The environment will continue to be huge for Gen Zers and likely the generation to follow. Very few institutions have recognized the importance of incorporating this into their marketing. Surprising but true.

Gen Zers Are Diverse and Globally-minded

Gen Z is more racially and ethnically diverse than any previous generation – especially in the US. And thanks to the power of social media, teenagers around the globe are more connected than ever before.

What this means for your marketing: Gen Zers expect their campus to reflect the diversity that they witness around them in their real lives and on their screens. It is imperative that you have the services in place to ensure that all of your diverse student populations, including low-income, first-generation, international, non-traditional, and ESL students have the learning resources that they need to succeed.

A word to the wise: Show them, don’t tell them. Yes, use video.

Ready to zoom forward with Gen Z? Get in touch if you’d like to chat about your institution’s brand positioning for a Gen Z audience. We can help set strategy, identify where they are, develop messaging that resonates, execute the recruitment campaigns, and track the entire process. The tools you need are here and at the ready.

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