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Explain Digital Marketing To Your Colleagues (to justify your budget)

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Your focus these past few weeks been a bit off? It’s not just me?

There have been a few more distractions than usual as we all try to get our work done. Still, there are important decisions to be made and the reality is, in our line of work, we truly do make a difference for a heck of a lot of people. Not quite on par with our amazingly dedicated healthcare providers and food supply chain workers. 

Still, helping students adjust to the academic experience that just went kablooey has its place.

The Intead team has been offering a lot of very specific perspective and advice to salvage enrollment numbers and stabilize institutional revenue streams. These are the underpinning of your faculty doing what they do, so that your students can do what they do. We are all connected.

This post has a lot to do with building collaborative teams and advocating for your department budget.

We hope you are taking time to read our recent blog posts and finding some good food for thought in there to support your student marketing initiatives. Now is definitely the time to innovate. And since so much of that student recruitment work is going to be digital, we thought it might be helpful if we gave you a great shareable infographic that simplifies the whole digital marketing process.

Sometimes, we find that the broad university teams we are working with includes colleagues who are not steeped in the digital marketing processes that we swim in every day. We thought you might find yourself in that situation more often than you’d like. Use the graphic below in your reports, in your slide decks, in your emails to those who approve your budget...

Read on for our practical ideas to help you stay focused and build broad team collaboration (and perhaps help you justify the budget request to make your digital marketing succeed).

In our conference presentations we often refer to the holistic framework that underpins marketing success. Our Intead Plus resources address the holistic approach to employ, including:

  • The technology platforms that help you present digital content and capture, nurture and analyze the leads you develop;
  • The market research that defines your strategy, messaging, dissemination channels and guides your content development;
  • And finally, the multi-faceted marketing team that knows how to execute on each of the digital marketing tasks to make this all work efficiently and result in conversions: student enrollment.

Webinar Offer: Intead will join Northeastern University and Unibuddy for an Encore Performance of our Peer-to-Peer Student Recruiting session that was last seen at the AIRC conference last December in Miami. It was really well attended and the Q&A lasted almost as long as the session itself! So AIRC asked us to bring it back.

The Webinar is already filling up. Here's the link to join and discuss this important digital recruiting option with us on May 5, 2020 at 2pm Eastern Time. Presenters: Kirsten Feddersen, Senior Director of Global Operations at Northeastern; Lou Greenwald, Head of Business Development atUnibuddy; and Ben Waxman, CEO at Intead.

And below, we offer something to share with your colleagues to explain one aspect of Intead's holistic marketing framework: the digital marketing process.

The infographic below will help them understand what you are doing with that marketing budget you keep saying needs to be bigger. If they understand the processes that you are making happen, they just might be willing to step in and help with one aspect or another. They will see how their assistance and contribution is part of a bigger whole. And that is how you build a collaborative team with shared vision and goals.

We’ve got a lot of work to do to keep this institution’s students engaged and successful.

Let’s get to it!

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