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Recruiting Intel Digest: The Most Useful Stuff from Q3 2023


For an industry that takes a lot of heat for being slow-moving, it sure feels like change is happening fast. You feel it, too, right? The pains of adjustment and growth. We’re learning to get comfortable getting uncomfortable. And we’re all here for it.

This blog, as you know, is one way you can keep up with important topics and industry trends that are propelling higher ed forward. This past quarter, for instance, we weighed in on pivotal topics like the current drivers of Chinese student mobility (hint: keep recruiting!), the integration of predictive modeling (new inescapable buzzword: AI), non-traditional student’s non-traditional needs, the use of agent aggregators, and more.

Of course, you were busy juggling all this progress with bottom line issues like student yield. So, if you didn’t get to all of our posts, we understand. Read on for a summary of the top news from Intead’s “Recruiting Intelligence” blog and click through on those topics that are meaningful to you now.

As we publish this week, NACAC 2023 just wrapped up in Baltimore. Some great opportunities to connect and learn, as always. And some growing and adjustment pains for NACAC as well as they figure out how to serve their members and regional leaders. Some natural frustration there, to be sure. We’ll share the slides from our presentation and more reflections on the gathering in a couple weeks.

Next Up: Join us in Paris Nov 8-10 at CIEE's 76th Annual Conference. Let us know if you'll be there (info@intead.com).

But here, and now, for many of you, we share some great reading while you are traveling the world in search of students while others are setting the recruitment plans in motion back in the office. Read on…

The best stuff from Q3 2023 right here:

Yes! You should be in China, but here’s the thing…

Despite their declining enrollment numbers, giving up on Chinese students is not in your best interest, nor is it in theirs. Yes, there are headwinds (many, in fact). This is a blog post we think you'll want to share with other leaders on campus who are questioning China’s value. A question: have you looked at the current youth unemployment rate in China?  Check it out here.

Humanizing the education agent: Do you know who’s pitching your institution?

A growing number of US higher ed institutions use university education agents. And now, many are evaluating agent aggregators. If that’s you, we highly recommend you ask tough questions about their staffing process, the vetting, the training, and the monitoring. For institutions sharing their brand reputation with agent aggregators, it is buyer beware. Read more here.

Emerging markets research summarized: Know your neighborhood

Intead along with FPP EDUMedia conducted primary research in 2019 to assess the influencers, interests, and political factors driving African and Latin American student enrollment decisions. Our aim: help institutions like yours tap emerging, or what we now consider, evolving student markets. More than 12,300 international students from over a dozen countries responded. Here’s what we learned + a really useful free one-page comparison.

Our predictive modeling guidance summarized

Does the rise of AI change the value of analytics? We published The End of False Promises: A Guide to Real Predictive Analytics ebook during the height of the pandemic as a tool to help our colleagues understand the role Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can play in enrollment strategies. The full guide is available on demand for Intead Plus members, while, you, our blog subscribers, can download this useful 3-page summary for free. A really pertinent read as the world can’t seem to stop talking about AI and most of the hype and chatter is entirely misplaced in the enrollment management world. (Pro tip: excel pivot tables and filters AI.)

The non-traditional student advantage: A 5-part series

Growth-minded institutions are taking a long, hard look at their approach to non-traditional students as the demographic cliff looms ahead. This 5-part blog series is based on our popular ebook Quality. Cost. Convenience. How academic leaders are competing for today’s non-traditional students, which is all about the adjustments required to reach and enroll non-traditional students. Did we mention 9 case studies? 

  • Part 1: It’s becoming even more common
  • Part 2: What exactly makes them non-traditional
  • Part 3: Know your competition
  • Part 4: Born this way or transformed?
  • Part 5: Audience targeting: quality, cost, convenience 

Release your global entrepreneurial spirit 

In the enrollment management field, the entrepreneurial mindset is an asset, and yet…and yet, if only those in control of the purse understood what we understand about global markets, student motivations, and what goes into the process of innovating. The Intead team shares your entrepreneurial enthusiasm and we are here to offer the insights that help you succeed. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t in global markets, including three common mistakes that will derail any international student recruitment program. Read all about it.

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