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Is Flexible Incrementalism the Answer to Student Enrollment Growth?

Enrollment Growth

According to Moody’s reports on the financial pain 4-year institutions are facing, higher ed administrators are managing a host of escalating challenges.

What we know: cutting your way to success has never worked for any institution.

What we want: strategic, incremental investments that pay off.

But which ones will lead to predictable enrollment growth and revenue? Oh, and student success?

There is a guiding light, a process to achieving this kind of success.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of our lives, especially now, academic institutions have recognized the need to accelerate the adoption and development of digitally oriented enrollment processes and education delivery. These moves can reverse enrollment declines and support the quality of education that students and families expect. A new partnership between Intead, iSchoolConnect, and Google addresses these needs with a smart, agile, and modular approach.

Framed as a modern and flexible model, incremental investments in technology for marketing and student success can align university leadership, administrators and importantly, faculty. CFOs take note, this is a plan for predictable enrollment and revenue streams.

The team delivering on this approach brings deep skills in marketing, enrollment management, and technology to support academic institutions through transformative initiatives carried out incrementally.

The goal is to produce an enrollment management transformation and a re-imagined approach to student success. Affordable marketing and AI-powered technology investments, each with clear transactional wins (think ROI) that justify the process, move the institution through a series of system improvements and enhancements toward the envisioned state. 

We’ve been here before, and we know that transformation is tough at large institutions. Bold and expensive strokes often fail to build the necessary stakeholder buy-in. The result: limited successes, far less than envisioned. 

Incrementalism recognizes that there are common modules every institution will want to address (recruitment, enrollment management, alumni relations, student and career services, etc.). Each institution is different in how and when each valued area blends into the transformation effort.

Read on to view our latest webinar in which I am joined by Ashish Fernando, iSchoolConnect CEO, and a panel of excellent guest speakers from Dartmouth, Babson, Northeastern, and Google to discuss how this new approach can pave the way to predictable, affordable, and transformative enrollment results. 

Our approach divides institutional growth opportunities into distinct modules where technology can transform the processes and the results. How these modules are customized and implemented will be unique to each institution based on where they are now and the desired state.

A modular approach to technology builds

"This is a new and innovative approach to higher ed end-to-end enrollment management. There are many companies out there offering technology to schools, but none has the deep expertise and capabilities brought by this partnership between iSC, Intead, and Google." – Angel Ahmed, CEO/Founder of GNET.

The key advantages for institutions are:

  1. The ability to achieve quick wins and returns, and to use those successes to propagate stakeholder buy-in across the institution, and,
  2. Even more valuable, to receive each modular investment with top-notch digital tracking built in. Key performance metrics and dashboards drive learning, deep into an institution’s many internal silos.

Becoming a data-informed institution happens by design through shared successes. Our team of data analysts interpret the findings in ways that are meaningful to the many important voices on campus. 

A recent example: In February and March 2020, as institutions were just recognizing the need to rapidly adjust to pandemic realities, Intead convened higher ed leaders delivering highly valued data, guidance, and support. We set the tone for the clear, collaborative, and empathetic communications required to build internal alignment and maintain enrollment. That kind of deep industry knowledge and engaging connection is hard to find. (You can access our Covid-19 resources HERE.)

The advanced technology iSC brings to the table impresses CTOs. Intead has been courted by many technology companies over the years. As one of the few companies chosen by Google to represent their Education business, we have finally found a partner with the deep tech expertise that we know will transform institutions. 

The Intead-iSC partnership combines our market intelligence and digital campaign expertise with advanced artificial intelligence tools and expertise in business intelligence to make enrollment management smarter, more predictable, and scalable.

"We are really excited to partner with Intead. They bring a deep industry expertise and marketing experience which, compounded by iSchoolConnect's AI-driven technology, become highly relevant to higher education leaders." – Ashish Fernando, CEO at iSchoolConnect.

If you are interested in learning more about this new partnership, the recording of our latest webinar, Predicting Revenue, Enrollment & Student Success, is now available. 

Watch Now »

In the webinar, Ashish Fernando and I, tap the expertise of academic leaders and Google discussing the future of recruitment and student success, the use of technology to help reverse enrollment declines, and how to develop predictable revenue streams. This valuable discussion gathers perspectives across the industry as we chart our way forward, together. 

Tune in, and let us know when you're ready to work towards transformational growth at your institution. 

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