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Your Most Influential Recruiter Is Right in Front of You

Your Most Influential Recruiter Is Right in Front of You

A bustling campus: backpacks slung over shoulders, coffee cups and water bottles in hand. These thoughtful, exuberant, media-savvy students filling your hallways, classrooms, and online portals, THESE are your most powerful recruiting influencers.

Last month, Intead teamed up with Unibuddy and Northeastern University to present our research on Peer-to-Peer platforms as student recruitment tools at the AIRC Conference. The discussion was lively. So many questions and ideas emerged. And now that research, and the guidance it offers, is available to you.

Consider this: When deciding where to apply for university,

  • 57% of students said online conversations with an institution’s student ambassador were their most helpful resource. 
  • 47% said friends and family were their most helpful resource.

Read that again.

Current students were more important than friends and family.

First-hand student experiences established trust and that came through loud and clear in these conversations. This student connection is SO significant to the recruitment process.

Read on for more insights and to download the full report…

There are plenty more gems in our research report and guidance on what the data means for your recruitment marketing by region and degree level. Unibuddy’s experience and data gave us so much insight.

“But wait,” you say. “Didn’t Intead just publish an amazing research report on recruiting from Africa and Latin America?”

Why yes. Yes, we did just last month.  If you have not already, you can read about and download that one right HERE

Our latest report based on our research with Unibuddy is now available. Download your copy of "Peer-to-Peer Student Conversations: How influential are they and what's their value for your recruitment strategy?"  for all the research insights. 

And the hits from Intead just keep coming.

We’re just getting started with this new decade, so please stay tuned! Watch this space for 2 more great reports in the near future about:

  • Recruiting international students from private high schools in the US (the latest TABS data) and
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is informing and transforming student recruiting (iSchoolConnect data).

Happy recruiting!

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