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Succeed in the New Student Landscape: A Can’t-Miss Event

Can't Miss Event

At some point when we listen to stories of successful initiatives, part of that story almost always includes a line like this: "Well, we were really curious about..."

How is your curiosity quotient these days?

Success emerges from teams that want to know and understand. That desire, and how well you act on and fulfill that desire speaks to the drive to succeed.

In a few weeks, a select few of your peers will gather with leaders in our field of international recruiting for a full-day, hands-on workshop to seriously get stuff done. Dubbed “Succeeding in the New Student Landscape,” this event is designed to help you diversify and build your global student recruitment plan for 2023 and beyond. This event offers small-batch, intensely focused conversations to apply the latest data, trends, perspectives, and best practices to your institution's current state. 

We are keeping it small so that every participant gets the kind of attention that addresses the immediate and long-term thinking needed for each unique institution.

The details:

  • December 13, 2022 (falling conveniently between the AIRC and ICEF conferences)
  • On campus at San Diego State University
  • 19 industry thought leaders as your faculty and keynote speakers
  • Two tracks: Get It Done (Track I), Leadership (Track II)
  • Two on-target keynotes: Social Justice as it relates to International Student Attraction (lunch), and Chinese Student Influencers Today (dinner)
  • Cost (inclusive of all meals): $350 

Ready to learn more? Read on for our list of speakers, moderators, and full-day breakdown. We hope to see you there! There are still spaces left as of this blog posting date.

So glad you clicked through.

This is going to be such a great event. And really valuable for your institution’s recruitment planning. The details and registration link are on our landing page. Click here to learn more.

You’ll find a full listing of our workshop faculty (you’ll recognize the names), and a breakdown of how you will spend your day with us. Whether you are recruiting for a private high school or a public or private higher ed institution, we have the experienced talent to help you evaluate the options and develop your institution-specific recruitment plan.

We have talent from edX and EnglishUSA to help us all think beyond the traditional. We are drawing on the leadership of AIEA. Because we are limiting the number of attendees, everyone is going to have access to the strategic counsel they need to learn about the trends and the factors that are critical to future success.

Everything to gain. Grab a ticket while they are still available.

See you in December in sunny San Diego.

Or, be in touch. We’re happy to email the details straight to you.

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