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Recruiting Intel Digest: The Most Useful Stuff from Q2 2023

Q2 2023 Digest

Your summer intake is taking shape and your dreams of a solid fall enrollment are far less murky. At this point, the numbers are fabulous? Frustrating? Fictitious? Let’s go with that first one.

Data-informed actions, whether the data is good or bad, will always help you improve. Our team recently attended three incredible conferences—the AGB, ACE, and NAFSA—and let us tell you, they were like rocket fuel! We soaked it all up and shared the take aways with you. [Find our 2023 Conference Take Aways Here: AIEA, AGB, NAFSA].

Did you catch a glimpse of the perspectives we shared? With so much going on, many of our faithful readers missed a few important ideas here and there. From the fight over the non-traditional student to the data buffet problem, we left no stone unturned.

Not to worry. Scroll down and check out all the news from the previous quarter.

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Read on.

You’re in the Right Place: Predicting the Future of Student Recruitment

The Intead team has been spotting enrollment management trends and pointing to opportunities for well over a decade. The accuracy of our predictions have been, well, really good. We point to what is coming next as we emerge from our current spate of industry chaos. So, grab a cuppa, and dive into this post!

Stacked Credentials and Employment: Are Universities Following or Leading the Trend?

Employers just want to hire and promote talent as quickly as possible. Students and career professionals (read that as non-traditional students) want to get to the job as quickly as possible. Is your institution supporting these market realities? Or are you stubbornly holding onto traditional degree delivery? Your path forward may lie here.

Having Data ≠ Using Data (Part 1 & Part 2)

Ever felt like your leadership team is not making the most of the data they have? You're not alone! Most leaders aren't data people and tend to cherry-pick the information that supports their ideas while ignoring crucial insights. In our two-part blog series (Part 1 & Part 2), we dive into the world of self-service data, its benefits, and how to actually make your team more powerful. Plus, we answer the burning question about email open rates. Trust us, worth a read.

12 Ways to Develop Strategic Advantage for Enrollment

We're navigating the ever-changing landscape with flexibility as our compass. We've updated our analysis to 12 (had been 10) strategic student recruitment options available to you. Our write-up walks you through the investment of time and money required and considers the flexibility offered if, suppose, a pandemic or other global disruption were to emerge. It’s all about which avenues can be ramped up or down quickly should the need arise. Check it out here.

Where the Viable Students Are

We shared insights on three key student pools as the enrollment cliff looms (it’s actually already here). Each group requires a unique approach and engaging messaging for recruitment and support. Dive into this blog post to get the scoop on international, non-traditional, and under-prepared students.

Mind the Gaps: Managing Student Expectations with Reality

Are there elements of student expectations that you can deliver on? Absolutely. Elements out of your control? Absolutely, again. Here’s how to think about it and 5 key ideas on how to control what you can to help your students have the experiences they are seeking. Read on and let's deliver on student dreams. Woe to those institutions that don't.

When Traditional Markets Weaken, Look to Asia (Part 1 & Part 2)

We provide helpful links to other resources and intel so you can evaluate the markets that will diversify your student pool. Find it here: (Part 1 & Part 2)

Getting Started with Hootsuite for Student Recruiting

Managing multiple platforms can be overwhelming. Adding to our “Getting Started With…” series, we give your team insight into best practices with Hootsuite with some examples from other institutions. Read on and help your team take control of your online presence!

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