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Recruiting Intelligence

What's New in Campus Career Services

At Intead we spend most of our time blogging about international student recruitment and marketing and the use of digital solutions to ease those activities. So why are we writing about university career services today? How is your campus career services office connected to your work as an international student recruiter or marketer?

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Highlighting Employability for International Student Recruitment

As institutions attempt to distinguish themselves from competitors, university marketers and recruiters seek additional means of highlighting institutional strengths. One of the previously overlooked, yet easily highlightable, assets is post-graduation career placement. As we've mentioned in the past on this blog, we strongly encourage our clients and colleagues to highlight post-graduation employment. Students and especially parents are increasingly interested in learning about how your graduates fare in the job market. Though international students have a unique set of circumstances regarding post-graduation employment, understanding the career prospects of graduates is frequently listed as an important factor for higher education selection.

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Beyond student enrollment - what's the PPP?

For all those students of economics, yes PPP can stand for purchasing power parity, but I would like to use PPP as President and Parent Perspective. Why do I want to talk about that perspective? 

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