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Recruiting Intel Digest: The Most Useful Stuff from Q2 2022

Recruiting Intel Digest Q2 2022

…and that’s a wrap for Q2 ‘22. While personally there were a few bumps along the way (thanks Covid for yanking #NAFSA2022 out from under me!), overall, the industry’s mood is decidedly improved over this time last year. Cautiously so, anyway.

Recent news we are following says that language programs are starting to recover from huge pandemic losses. Middle Eastern adults/executives are showing up first. As we know, language programs often act as canaries in the coal mine falling or rising in advance of fuller degree/certificate programs.

We bet you likely didn’t catch all of our posts this spring, admissions season being what it is – busy. Not to worry, we’ve compiled a few we think you won’t want to miss. Read on for our quarterly recap of the most valuable news from Q2 2022 and the Intead resources available to you.

Improving Student Yield: A Big 10 Campaign Case Study

We’re always happy to help lend insight into what’s working for international student recruitment based on our global market research and recent client experiences. Benchmarking your digital results against other well-run campaigns can be difficult because no one is sharing the relevant numbers.

But we do! Our latest case study dives into a really successful international digital campaign we ran for a US Midwest Big 10 research institution. Download our case study here.

The Rise of Student Retention as Key to Recruitment

From your steeped-in-student-recruitment vantage point, you see quite clearly the symbiotic relationship retention has with your recruitment efforts and resulting yield. It has everything to do with your student services, student success, and all the small-batch interactions you do to ensure your students experience both. The bottom line: it’s your team’s soft skills that matter most. Do they have the time and propensity to use them? Do they see the direction connection between their work and your institution's enrollment success? This post paints a clear picture for them. Share this.

New Market Entry: Key Benchmarks for Student Recruitment

Here’s the thing: you relied heavily on recruiting from China and India because of the significant challenges of identifying and succeeding in a new market. How do you even do that new market entry thing? This post explores how you can tell which new markets are a good idea to enter and how to know if early recruitment efforts are likely to create the traction you need over time. Use these benchmarks to create your plan and set leadership expectations. Read more here.

Rinse and Repeat is NOT the Answer: 3 Essential Questions for Enrollment

With this post we share our concern, and it's likely yours as well, that the marketing agencies offering enrollment/recruitment services for so many institutions are taking their marketing plans from their recent clients and applying them to the next one that comes in the door. Where is the customization? The differentiation? Get tips for how to frame the essential questions every enrollment team should be asking as well as how to approach the answers. Check it out here.

Intead’s NAFSA 2022 Slides Now Available

Whether or not you were able to attend our live sessions at #NAFSA2022, we’re making our presentations available to you. We think you’ll find them valuable resources as you move into the 2023-24 recruitment cycle. And where the slides don’t give you all the context you need, reach out with your questions. Access our conference decks here.

Our goal, as always: be a valuable resource and partner for you. Isn’t that just what you need with so much global and domestic change going on? Be in touch.

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