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Recruiting Intel Digest: The Most Useful Stuff from Q4 2021

The Most Useful Stuff from Q4 2021

Wrapping up 2021 was no easy feat. We’ve seen student enrollment numbers fall, rise, and flatten with the evolving worldwide pandemic that is COVID-19. More than a few in our field are burned out and trying hard to muster the energy to figure out how to bring their students the best experience possible.

We’re right there with you, wherever you are. Time to turn our focus to what we’ve learned from our recent experiences. Settle in for a Q4 wrap up of the info that can help you shape your 2022-23 plans. From strategy to tactics like chatbots and student recruitment platforms we know all of this will be up your ally.

Read on for our quarterly recap of Intead resources available to you — Q4, all in one place.

Intead's Q4 2021 Wrap Up

  • Marketing Insights: 2 Ways to Get Gen Z
    Gen Z students want authentic, forward looking, mobile-next experiences. They want jobs that will get them ahead. Does your university make the cut in their eyes? We’ve identified two important avenues for getting Gen Z to seriously consider your institution. Click here to learn what they are.
  • Webinar Recording: Shifting Student Perspectives: Digital Marketing Now
    Watch Elina Weisshaut from Technion Israel Institute of Technology and Intead CEO Ben Waxman discuss the use of digital marketing to reach Gen Z – messaging, channels, platforms. This Intead Plus webinar explores the student audience and how to reach them. Subscription required. If you are not an Intead Plus member, see the "Join Now" button in upper right to see the benefits of membership.
  • Lead Generation: Student Recruitment Platforms Or…DIY
    Online student recruiting platforms have become an industry staple. Customized approaches are promised but their business model is all about rinse and repeat, cookie cutter marketing. Is their automated customization going to get you the results you want? Click here for a refreshing and useful take on how your institution can develop leads truly interested in what you have to offer.
  • Digital Tactics: Getting Started with Chatbots
    Chatbots are becoming more accessible and less expensive for institutions, but the quality and effectiveness depends on what is under the hood. Click here to for the tips that can help you make smart choices as you evaluate this tactic.
  • Strategy Development: 10 Ways to Develop Strategic Advantage for Enrollment
    When facing global flux, your most valuable skill is adaptation which requires flexibility. Enrollment leaders took our chart and recruitment perspective to their planning meetings as they evaluated their plans for 2022 and beyond. Click here to view.
  • Diversity Tactics: Offering Up Inspiration for DEI
    With institutions trying to figure out how to make their DEI efforts broad and deep, CIEE has developed a valuable option. Click here to watch the short (5 min) film that will lift your spirits and get you thinking about the full range of student perspectives and global opportunities available to your full campus community. This is how you encourage and support your diverse student body.
  • An OPT Reflection: Starting Points and Destinations
    The value of OPT from the student perspective – Intead’s former digital marketing associate, Xi Chen explains how her 1-year internship has influenced her career trajectory. Click here to gain a bit more perspective on how important your work really is and the importance of your student career services office.

What’s Coming Next

A look at user experience, the student journey, lead nurturing for your institution, text message marketing and more is just a taste of what we have in store.

As always, we strive to get you and your team thinking about new strategies, adapt new tactics to your existing campaigns, and make tough decisions easier. Join us in 2022 for even more marketing insights. You won’t want to miss a single post.


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