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WeChat 101: Maximize Your SNS In China and Beyond [Part I]

In our ongoing effort to share the latest in social media marketing we begin this two part series on WeChat. We are eager to share this exciting Chinese social media platform that is quickly becoming popular throughout the world. And yes, you can create posts in Chinese and English.

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Have You Tried Meet Ups - A New Way to Interact with Prospective Students

This past summer, the Chinese student organizations of the Big Ten universities  hosted meet-ups in Beijing and Shanghai. During the events, 600 interested Chinese students and parents went to the Shanghai Kempinski Hotel and the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. Learn more about these events and how you can use Meet Ups for your university.

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Are You Partnering With Chinese 211 and 985 Universities?

Project 211. Project 985. Do you know about these two Chinese government-run education projects? If you don't, you should. Read on to learn more.

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Marketing and Recruiting Korean Students

According to Best Practices in International Student Recruitment and Retention in Anglophone Countries by Hanover Research, the U.S. recruits international students mainly from Asian and South Asian nations. “Asia currently generates 62 percent of America’s international students, and 74 percent of those students come from India, China, Japan, and South Korea.” As shown below (Figure 1), 11.2% of international students are from South Korea. Therefore, recruiting South Korean students can be an effective marketing strategy for colleges. How can US universities better attract Korean students?

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Korean Student Recruitment: Using Webtoons for Marketing

Yaeri Kim, our summer guest blogger, uses this article to introduce webtoons, the intersection of traditional comic strips with internet technology. Webtoons' popularity in Korea makes them an exciting way to infuse a new digital engagement tool in your digital and social media marketing campaigns.

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Stressing the Social in Brazilian Social Media, Part II

There are few countries that can rival Brazil's devotion to social media. In our recent blog article Stressing the Social in Brazilian Social Media, Part I, we reviewed the main sites used by Brazilians and the connection between the social nature of Brazilians and their love for social media. Part II of this series focuses on Brazilians' preferences for social media messaging.

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Stressing the Social in Brazilian Social Media, Part I

The phrase, “Brazilians are the most social people in the world” is frequently used by internet executives. According to the research conducted by Nielsen, Brazil is one of the top three nations with the highest number of users of social networks in the world. How might this inform you international student recruitment strategy in Brazil?

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Prospective Korean Students' Web Searches

What are the popular websites for Korean students to research their study opportunities within Korea and abroad? Our guest blogger Yaeri Kim, a Case Western Reserve University graduate student, explains the most popular sites so that you can improve your marketing and recruitment in South Korea.

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Brazil: Thoughts on International Student Recruitment

As institutions look to diversify their international student populations, there is considerable interest in entering new markets. Though Brazil has a history of sending students to international institutions throughout the world, as the middle class continues to grow, there is increased potential for international student recruitment within Brazil. Whether your institution is currently recruiting in Brazil or considering making a move toward that country, it's interesting to consider a few factors we discovered.

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Building Cultural Bridges--Lessons from the Preeminent Expert!

Building bridges between cultures and achieving cultural connectedness has been simplified through technology. What once required face-to-face meetings and books on the subject can now be achieved through the power of video and social media.

Many of us work to engage international students and connect with them in a way that feels familiar, comfortable and culturally relevent, but none of us are doing it in quite the creative and talented way as Jessica Beinecke. As the creator of Crazy Fresh Chinese and BaiJie Lalala, Ms. Beinecke is a well known celebrity among Chinese teenagers and young adults for the way in which she explains American popular culture in a relatable, entertaining way. And we are proud to announce that Ms. Beinecke will be joining us as a keynote speaker at the 2014 Intead Global Marketing Conference.  

Watch this VIDEO to learn more about Ms. Beinecke: 

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