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Recruiting Intel Digest: The Most Useful Stuff from Q3 2021

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No quiet summer here--things have only sped up this quarter as institutions recalibrated their approaches to the ongoing hurdles and opportunities of the pandemic. With innovative thinking and disciplined strategy, your colleagues are tackling the big issues of the fall and considering how to adapt for spring and fall 2022. Today’s post points you to some of the high-performance best practices we’ve shared over the past 3 months to help during these times of uncertainty. 

So, grab a cup of coffee and before you finish it, we know you’ll be sharing links from this Q3 2021 wrap up with your enrollment team and colleagues with the power to make positive change for students around the world.

Read on for our quarterly recap of Intead resources available to you — all in one place. Plus, a preview of what’s coming next. But first:

PARTICIPATE AND LEARN: Opportunities up stay current and up your game:

  • October 5, NAFSA All-Region Summit Session: UMBC and Intead present “0-60 Internationalization” — Register HERE.
  • October 12, AIRC hosted Webinar: Technion Israel Institute of Technology and Intead present “Shifting Student Perspectives: Digital Marketing Now” — Free to AIRC members and $45 for non-members. Register HERE. (If your institution is not an AIRC member, hit us up for a code and we'll see about getting you past the velvet ropes.)
  • IIENetworker fall issue publishes Intead’s 2021 market research on Indian and Chinese student mobility. See below for a link to the magazine full of insights.

Here’s Our Q3 2021 Wrap Up

  • Latin American International Student Recruiting Series

    Our widely-read, four-part 2021 Latin America international student recruiting series offers keen insights into current opportunities and challenges in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico, In each, Intead's analysis identifies key recruiting trends unique to each market. And check out Intead's 2019 Emerging Markets Report for more useful insights into these and other valuable LATAM (and African) student sources. Other institutions are sharpening their vision and aligning their budgets to thrive in new markets. Don't be left behind!

  • Digital Marketing Tech: New Apple Tracking Rules and CRM Best Practices

    Apple’s newest update now requires users to opt in to be tracked...and upwards of 94% of them are opting out. Learn what you can do here to regain control of your audience and reach them accurately and affordably. Searching for a CRM system that keeps your prospective students engaged, anticipates future enrollment, and plays nicely with your MAP? Intead offers seven key steps to focus your team. Pro Tip: it’s all about successful user adoption, not fancy features (most of which are never implemented). Read more here

  • The Power of Swag to Draw Student Attention

    Don’t be caught with stale swag! Consider your best influencers (hint: student ambassadors) and the questions to ask to make your strongest brand statement in the dual worlds of virtual and in-real-life (#IRL) education. Read more here.

  • Executive Thinking: Strategy, Culture, Leadership

    Readers loved our blog series on 3 essential topics that make great institutions and great institutional leaders. First, STRATEGY: demystify the often-confusing relationship between strategy and tactics to ensure that your winning strategy prevails. Second, CULTURE: is your culture rewarding the right behaviors and mindsets to transform your bottom line? We share seven steps to shift your culture to achieve your strategy. Third, LEADERSHIP: feedback is leadership’s unsung hero. Learn how you can make best use of the feedback you are likely getting all of the time to up your A game and be the leader that your team and institution need.

  • Developing and Evaluating a Strategic Plan for International Student Recruitment and Evaluating its Effectiveness Over Time

    What should you consider as you create or refine your international student recruitment strategic plan? We offer up time-tested ideas from Krista Northrup, Brett Prim, Kirsten Feddersen and Val Daily from their 2014 AIRC Conference workshop. Review their cost vs. efficiency diagrams with your team to determine where your institution’s priorities fall and how you might reevaluate your tactics to create a more effective strategy. Read more here. And, evaluate how these global marketing strategies hold up over 7 years weathering both leadership changes and unpredictable world events. Reality: having a sound marketing strategy is only as valuable as your ability to execute it. See the real results of 7 years of recruiting with some really interesting charts here

  • IIENetworker and our Market Research

    We promised you a link to the magazine (free download). Here it is. Packed with insights and valuable perspective on student mobility and our article about our Indian and Chinese market research conducted with iSchoolConnect and WholeRen Education, respectively. Want the research reports? Click here.

What’s Coming Next

A considered perspective on what all those student recruitment platforms are offering, and what they are not. And importantly, whether a DIY option can compare (pro tip: it can). 

As a lead up to the AIRC conference this December in Miami (you are going, right?), we’re taking a look at how AIRC members perform against a non-AIRC member cohort. Is a robust agent network on your holiday shopping list? 

You’ll want to stay tuned!


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