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Recruiting Intelligence

The More Things Change…The More We Need to Figure Out


So, ICE tells all the online international students in the U.S. to go home and Harvard tells all students to go online for Fall 2020 (without lowering tuition). That’s quite a news day.

From day to day, the landscape continues to shift, sometimes dramatically.

If you’ve missed the past few months of Recruiting Intelligence posts because you’ve had other pressing priorities (we get it), then you may want to take a scroll through it all.

Read on for a quick summary of all the things we all need to figure out. (Spoiler alert: we've already figured out a lot of them).

A few thoughts on Monday's news:

  • What if the solution to the new ICE rules for international students still in the U.S. were to offer on-campus housing and at least one required in-person class during the semester? Regs (FAQ released yesterday - 7/7/20) about hybrid offers are not crystal clear but seem to indicate an opportunity.
  • And the predictable student response to Harvard’s news: “Gap year, please.” Where Harvard leads, so many institutions follow. Student alternatives abound. See CIEE.

How our past blog posts can help you

We’ve focused on the required elements of any recruiting program. Most recently, in an effort to make you even more dangerous, we’ve published two highly valuable student digital marketing campaign case studies with more detail than you will find almost anywhere.

From offering perspective on building (or evaluating) your strategic enrollment marketing plan to measuring the success of your digital campaigns, we’re covering it all, at the level of detail that helps you navigate and succeed.

As the ground shifts from day to day, the basics are important:

  • Know your audience
  • Know what you offer
  • Know why your offer is valuable to your audience

Lately, the Intead team has been hired to conduct market research for a variety of institutions trying to understand these essentials and how to offer their value to their target market segments. Figuring out how to do this well takes time and talent.

Now is the time to catch up with your competition:

  • Figure out how to present your institution to the audience segments that will respond. 
  • Figure out how to enhance your website, the foundation that offers all your value to international students once they are aware of you. 
  • Figure out how your social media campaigns can drive high quality leads to that super effective website.
  • Figure out how to improve your webinars and other online presentations of your campus like virtual tours and digital student orientations
  • Figure out how digital tools like peer-to-peer platforms and artificial intelligence powered chatbots can help you nurture those leads to make wise decisions about enrolling in your institution.
  • Figure out how your enrollment management technology can track leads through the funnel and provide reports that tell you what is working really well for you.

We’re offering you all the instruction on how to do this stuff. And we’re offering you the team that knows how to do it efficiently when you run out of hands.

Now is the time to catch up with and surpass the competition. And we’re thinking you probably ran out of hands a long time ago.

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