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Trending: SMS Marketing for Student Recruitment

We've been reflecting on all we learned at NACAC 2017 and everyone we met in the Exhibitor Hall. It seems that things keep circling back to a marketing strategy that appeals to us—and one that is still developing and is prompting puzzled looks from some of our clients and connections. "How do we incorporate and manage SMS texting in our student recruiting strategy?"

As an initial primer, below we review some of the challenges and rewards of SMS marketing, and we evaluate just a few of the many partners available to help your institution use emerging and trending SMS tools. Trust us, the SMS space is growing.

But this post is just the beginning. Like so many of the emerging technology tools over the past decade, we can't stop there. We'll be publishing an SMS marketing guide and review of vendors in the SMS marketing platform space. You, as our loyal blog subscribers, will be the first to get it! Bonus, right?

Before we give you some initial SMS perspective so you can start doing a great job with this important marketing option, we invite you to meet us at any of our upcoming conference presentations. We will be presenting global digital marketing insights in Princeton, NJ at NAFSA Region X, October 23-25. We will be in Weston, FL at the 9th Annual AIRC Conference, December 6-9 and in Miami Beach, FL at the ICEF Workshop, December 11-13. Reach out to us for a cup of coffee and a conversation! We always love to connect.

Read on for some help developing your SMS student marketing plan.

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NAFSA 2017: Presentation Slides Now Available

For those of you who were at Nafsa (that was already a week ago!), we know you are still struggling to catch up with everything now that you are back (at least we are!). We hope you are taking time to enjoy an iced drink and breathe instead of getting caught up in the usual frenzied pace (we are trying on this end ;-).

We recognize that many of you were not able to make it out to LA this year, so we want to make our insights available directly to your inbox.

This year we were pleased to present two main sessions—the first with FPP EDU Media (see link below) on our latest prospective international student research on the influence of US Executive Orders and Brexit. This research will result in our next Know Your Neighborhood report – our team is hard at work on that already. The second presentation, with Megan Prettyman from Montana State University, was on best processes for selecting and implementing a CRM System for your institution.

Read on to see key insights from the presentations and download the session slides… 

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Greetings & Insights from NAFSA 2017!

Greetings from Cathryn (left), Ben and Elaine. This week we are writing to you from sunny Los Angeles where we are proud to be meeting with key leaders in the field of international student recruitment at the annual NAFSA conference! This gathering of thought leaders has put forth research and publications that will propel our industry--working to counteract the impact made by our evolving political environment. Or, so we hope!

We find ourselves surrounded by an outpouring of compassion, genuine concern and energy for the future of our industry. There are many focused on the safety and wellbeing of our international students, and their ease of travel into and out of our country. The right questions are being asked--how do we create and sustain an attractive, welcoming and safe environment? How do we effectively support groups facing discrimination? How do we counter negative perceptions on all sides? 

As we face such big, challenging questions, we felt the need to quote Jessica Sandburg of Temple University in her introduction to NAFSA's Guide to International Student Recruitment:

"We are those who help to open minds, bridge cultural divides, forge understanding and make meaningful connections ... At a time when the talk is of building walls, we are, and we will continue to be, those who open doors."

This bond is shared by all of us in international recruitment for higher education--a passion for breaking down barriers and creating a diverse, inclusive educational environment. 

Of course, we all know that passion is not always enough. This work is hard--really hard. And it is often not well-understood. This week, we have pulled once more from NAFSA's Guide to International Student Recruitment (see link below) to help you take an objective look at your existing marketing strategies and assess where you can make simple, efficient improvements. 

Read on for this week's helpful international student recruiting tips about conducting a digital audit of your global marketing: website, email marketing, social media... 

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