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Recruiting Intelligence

Two Ways to Increase International Admissions Productivity

Would you like to increase your accessibility to prospective international students?  Would you like to increase your own productivity? We will show you two ways to be more accessible to students in a controlled and organized way.  

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Intead Index: LinkedIn Groups for International Higher Education

We'd like to proudly introduce a new content source for you-- Intead Index-- a set of indices that provides you with all of the information you need to make informed decisions. We will cover a variety of information sources, marketing and technology services international university admissions and marketing departments purchase or use regularly. We will publish the lists regularly on the blog over the next few months.We will be publishing a compilation of these lists on a yearly basis. While we'd like to think that our research is comprehensive, we know that there might be service providers we inadvertently overlooked. That's where you, our loyal readers, come into the picture.  We welcome your comments and additions to the lists. Feel free to use the provided link to share your feedback. 

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It's All About What OTHERS Say About You

Here at Intead we don't spend a lot of time tooting our own horn. We're so busy implementing client projects while analyzing trends in international higher education recruiting and marketing, digital marketing and social media, there's little time for patting ourselves on the back. Let alone shouting our succeses from the rafters.  

Your work, like ours, is important stuff. And all that stuff is valued by the folks we reach, our target audiences: the students, researchers, and other industry professionals who benefit from what our organizations do. These are our customers.

So when good customer feedback happens, we have the opportunity to use it as objective justification for the value of our work. Testimonials represent authentic, reliable and sharable content to let our customers hear the message: "Hey, these guys met my needs; exceeded my expectations."

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Digital Lead Generators: New Frontiers in International Student Recruitment

Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Abbott and Costello. And the most recent dynamic duo: teenager and internet. Since the iPhone became a regular at the family dinner table, the landscape of teenage life has changed—including how they search for, and ultimately choose, an institution of higher education.

You already know this, and so do today’s wide range of digital lead generation services. These digital services can provide a more student-driven, personal search process that suits today’s independent and tech-savvy teens—a far leap from the mass mailings (or even e-mailings) from student search service contact lists. See our recent blog-- Digital Direct Marketing to International Students: Are You on Target? Several of these services even offer international expertise. Want to know where to start? Here are some key considerations.

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International Students Reveal the Secrets of International Student Recruitment

In a world of fast-paced activity and seemengly never ending responsibilities, it isn't always easy to find the time to listen. It's important to take a break from charting progress, developing novel programs and tools, and talking through brochures, websites, social media and face-to-face. Listening is critical. With that in mind we recently conducted a focus group with international students, many of whom are college freshmen, to take the time to listen to what was important to them in the recruitment process. We learned four key takeaway messages which are outlined below.

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Empower and Manage Your International Counselor Network with STOURY

In late 2013 we unveiled STOURY, a unique app designed to tell your university's story anywhere, in any language. STOURY allows you to deliver dynamic, vibrant and informative conversations.

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The One Question Everyone Asks About Global Digital Marketing

We've been in the fields of higher education, international student recruitment and digital marketing for quite a while and we've found there is ONE QUESTION EVERYONE ASKS.

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The Two Critical Marketing Systems to Increase Your International Student Enrollment

Student enrollment requires a personal interaction with prospective students and their parents. At the same time, admissions departments are faced with many demands and limited budgets. Marketing technology is part of the solution to establish efficient processes in order to reach more students more efficiently but also since prospective students are researching their university choices via digital channels. 

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University Admissions: Meet your Digital Millennial Consumer

  • What motivates and interests this generation?
  • How can universities communicate and how does this student group communicate with each other?
  • What can we tell about how this generation consumes content?

The millennial index highlights five different segments and personas (See Chart 1). Depending on your focus (undergraduate vs. graduate studies), you will find a different share of these segments among your target audience. 

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Digital direct marketing to international students: are you on target?

Digital marketing is a main channel for reaching students and is especially critical for reaching international students. In a perfect world you could attract these prospective students directly to your website without paying for third-party lead generation services. However, in reality, college-seekers often start with generic web searches (e.g. program of interest, location) and not with searches for specific schools.

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