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Intead’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

Enrollment professionals around the world tapped and clicked throughout 2021 looking for insight. They found it here on the Intead blog and now you can see what resonated most. Presenting, our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021.

It was a tough year with far too much ambiguity. Intead’s global network kept readers abreast of what students and parents are thinking and how marketing messages can reach them.

Would you like a cup of coffee in New Orleans with us at AIEA? We’ll be there and look forward to a busy schedule. Be in touch if you’d like to connect. We have a few amazing restaurant recommendations we can share, assuming that kind of gathering is safe and comfortable by the time the event rolls around.

Read on for our Top Posts of 2021 (links included). Great for sharing with your team to help them think creatively about their respective roles and assignments.

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Intead's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

Traditionally, we kick off this annual post with a “Phew, what a busy year!”-type comment, but in the year that was 2020, that feels like a bit of an understatement.

In a year full of unprecedented uncertainty, ever-churning news cycles, and constantly shifting plans, we kept up each week, delivering Recruiting Intelligence insights and providing strategic and tactical guidance throughout the storm.

Today, we’re sharing the insights that resonated the most —
the top 10 viewed blog posts of 2020.

With many of these top posts containing our advice from various stages of the early pandemic, you may be wondering — what value do they provide now? We’re a whole year (and a whole pandemic) wiser, right?

Great question and we’d venture that these posts are all the more valuable now, as you and your team reflect on 2020 and build for the future. Seeing our past recommendations validated may provide you with an even stronger foundation as you push your colleagues to adopt forward thinking plans in 2021!

Consider the strategic guidance contained in these 10 posts your checklist. Do you have everything in place for 2021 and for the enrollment curveballs yet to come?

Share this with colleagues who can use these insights in the new year. They’ll be plenty more posts coming your way in 2021. Do you know anyone who would appreciate receiving our weekly blog insights? The share button is at the end of this post.

Read on for our Reader's Choice Top Posts of 2020 (links included) and two bonus perennial favorites that consistently draw readers via their Google searches.

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Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

You have spoken!

After a busy year of developing academic recruitment plans, speaking at conferences, creating compelling marketing campaigns, publishing new innovative research, and of course, sharing all the best stuff with our blog readers, we can now tell you…of all our publishing in 2019, these posts most caught your attention.

And since you have been busy as well, we know some of you may have missed our most useful stuff.

Below are posts that had the most clicks and shares – so as you peruse, note the “email this post” button at the bottom to help out your colleagues who are responsible for one enrollment thing or another.

Read on for links to 2019’s Top 10 blog hits and (bonus) our inspiring Staff Pick!

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How much to pay commission-based student recruiters?

The agent debate ended a number of years ago for most of us. Sure, there are a few stragglers complaining about the unethical practices out there.

Our view: Every industry has unethical characters. Commission-based recruiters, as a group, have more than their fair share. Basic buyer beware precautions are the rule. Careful vetting and management of your recruiters will keep you from getting burned more than once.

Rather than being asked whether commission-based agents are a valid recruitment channel, we are now consistently asked, “What is the going rate?” And the market is shifting.

Intead and AIRC set out to understand as much as we could from both universities and agents in the current market. We published our report late last year and offered up a well-attended webinar.

Want to learn more about what others are paying their agents and how they are managing those relationships? Our most recent research findings and the webinar recording are just a click away.

Read on…

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5 Ways to Motivate Your International Student Recruiters

Energizing, educating and motivating your recruiting network around the world is an important function for admissions offices. But what are the best ways to encourage your recruiting network? How can you motivate your network to be productive?

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Are You Annoyed About Double-Dipping International Recruiting Agents, Too?

The discussion about using commission-based student recruiting agents has been an arduous and drawn out debate in the United States. With the NACAC acceptance, or let's say toleration, allowing NACAC members to use commission-based agents as long as they are managed appropriately, we have moved into the implemenation phase of agent-university relations.  One question that we hear frequently asked or at least mentioned with lots of grumbling is the "double-dipping" done by agents.  

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How Many Reps Do You Need to Cover the World?

Worldwide student recruitment is a big task. We wonder: how many representatives do you need to be successful? What is the ideal number of internal and external international student recruiters?

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How To Find Commission-Based Student Recruiters

The use of commission-based recruiters by U.S. universities appears to be growing rapidly since the NACAC decision ending the ban on this recruitment channel. We suggest that you think of these counselors and agents as an extension of your admissions and marketing offices for your recruitment activities. You should consider them as part of your team. Hence, you should be mindful in how you select them. You want them to represent you well and be ethical in their practices. They also need to be motivated and in a position to deliver results for you. 

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Will commission-based recruiters find more international students?

The definite answer is maybe. Commission-based student recruiters are not a panacea. They require support, monitoring and consistent attention to deliver results. 

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How important are international recruitment agents, anyway?

Will the use of commission-based recruitment by U.S. higher education grow dramatically in the near future? We are wondering this, of course in part, because of the decision by NACAC to tolerate the use of commission-based recruitment by their members. Universities may feel less constraint to admit that they are using agents and encouraged to add this recruitment channel. Furthermore, more universities are increasing their emphasis on international enrollment as an additional revenue source. And yes, everybody is looking to diversify their student body as well. 

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