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How much to pay commission-based student recruiters?

The agent debate ended a number of years ago for most of us. Sure, there are a few stragglers complaining about the unethical practices out there.

Our view: Every industry has unethical characters. Commission-based recruiters, as a group, have more than their fair share. Basic buyer beware precautions are the rule. Careful vetting and management of your recruiters will keep you from getting burned more than once.

Rather than being asked whether commission-based agents are a valid recruitment channel, we are now consistently asked, “What is the going rate?” And the market is shifting.

Intead and AIRC set out to understand as much as we could from both universities and agents in the current market. We published our report late last year and offered up a well-attended webinar.

Want to learn more about what others are paying their agents and how they are managing those relationships? Our most recent research findings and the webinar recording are just a click away.

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International Student Recruitment in Vietnam: Part I

Vietnam is becoming one of the hot areas for international student recruitment. With a young population, a rising middle class, and a cultural emphasis on education, many more Vietnamese families are considering education abroad for their children. The US is but one player in this burgeoning education abroad momentum. Click here to listen to a recent podcast with Michael Goldberg, Fulbright scholar who spent six months in Vietnam in 2012.

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Armchair International Student Recruitment - part 3

You are reading an excerpt from our e-book "88 Ways to Recruit International Students" (Click here to read the entire book).

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EducationUSA is a digital marketing engine for the U.S., or is it?

Education USA is the main U.S. tax payer-financed vehicle for the international promotion of U.S. universities around the world. Let's exclude Harvard, Stanford, MIT -- they do not need that marketing support.  

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