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Recruiting Intelligence

Will Your Student Fair Provider Deliver Value This Recruiting Season?

Recruiting tours, fairs and the associated travel expenses are some of the biggest line items in an institution's recruiting budget. Given the investment of time and money to achieve student recruiting goals through travel, we hear the same great questions every year related to this topic. How do you know if you're getting the most bang for your buck in terms of recruitment travel? This is article is part one of two on this subject.

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Storytelling in Overseas Student Marketing

What does storytelling have to do with overseas student marketing? How can improved storytelling help institutional marketing teams to improve their international student recruitment strategies? Paul Jensen, Weber Shandwick's President of Corporate Practice in North America brought these topics to life.

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Mobile to Global in Overseas Student Recruitment

Mobile might be the single most important word in technology, digital marketing, and overseas student recruitment. What you don't know about mobile CAN hurt you.

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Successful Universities Move to Contextual Marketing

Seth Godin coined the phrase "interruption marketing" many years ago to describe the way traditional marketers interrupt the consumer to draw attention for their products and services. His message was that consumers will find more and more ways to avoid interruptions. He was right.   At the 2014 INTEAD Global Marketing Workshop for Academic Leaders in New York City, Hubspot's Matt Fradette showed the process and the successes of moving from interruption marketing to contextually relevant inbound marketing for universities.

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Enrollment Planning Insights: Latest Global Marketing Workshop Data

Chinese students submit their SAT scores to twice as many colleges than international students from other countries. What does that mean for your yield enrollment marketing and your yield projections? College Board and IIE presented new data at the Intead Global Marketing Workshop held at the SUNY Global Center in NYC last week. You can view the whole presentation here. 

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Success! A Quick Review of the 2014 Intead Workshop

Last week Intead hosted its inaugural 2014 Global Marketing Conference for Academic Leaders. Against the back drop of Manhattan, academic leaders from around the world joined the Intead team and an extraordinary group of guest speakers to learn the latest in digital marketing, social media marketing, innovations in recruitment and more. 

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Building Cultural Bridges--Lessons from the Preeminent Expert!

Building bridges between cultures and achieving cultural connectedness has been simplified through technology. What once required face-to-face meetings and books on the subject can now be achieved through the power of video and social media.

Many of us work to engage international students and connect with them in a way that feels familiar, comfortable and culturally relevent, but none of us are doing it in quite the creative and talented way as Jessica Beinecke. As the creator of Crazy Fresh Chinese and BaiJie Lalala, Ms. Beinecke is a well known celebrity among Chinese teenagers and young adults for the way in which she explains American popular culture in a relatable, entertaining way. And we are proud to announce that Ms. Beinecke will be joining us as a keynote speaker at the 2014 Intead Global Marketing Conference.  

Watch this VIDEO to learn more about Ms. Beinecke: 

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Intead Index: International Education Enrollment Conferences

We'd like to proudly introduce a new content source for you-- Intead Index-- a set of indices that provides you with all of the information you need to make informed decisions. We will publish the lists regularly on the blog over the next few months. We will be publishing a compilation of these lists on a yearly basis. While we'd like to think that our research is comprehensive, we know that there might be service providers we inadvertently overlooked. That's where you, our loyal readers, come into the picture.  We welcome your comments and additions to the lists. Feel free to use the provided link to share your feedback. 

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Professional Organizations and International Student Recruitment

It's like a sea of alphabet soup. NAFSA, NACAC, OACAC, ICEF, AIEA, AAIE, EAIE, EIEIO...the list goes on and on. (And of course we are kidding about that last one!) What is a new international admission, advising or services professional to do when encountering this vast array of professional organizations? While all of these organizations are reputable, educational, and professionally minded, it would behoove you to spend some time researching where your interests and skill set would be best met. It will be impossible (and cost prohibitive) to join every organization that exists. Yet with some research you will be able to discover which organizations will best advance your career and expose you to the most relevant research and professional discourse.

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