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Recruiting Intelligence

The Two Critical Marketing Systems to Increase Your International Student Enrollment

Student enrollment requires a personal interaction with prospective students and their parents. At the same time, admissions departments are faced with many demands and limited budgets. Marketing technology is part of the solution to establish efficient processes in order to reach more students more efficiently but also since prospective students are researching their university choices via digital channels. 

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Enhancing International Student Recruitment Through Images

When we launched Why Education Matters in December 2013 we hoped that our new venture would capture and engage the public. We have been astounded by the warm embrace and excitement this new website has generated. Now that we're well on our way and know that many of you have visited and enjoyed the site, we want to tell you how you can use our incredible images...for FREE!

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Digital direct marketing to international students: are you on target?

Digital marketing is a main channel for reaching students and is especially critical for reaching international students. In a perfect world you could attract these prospective students directly to your website without paying for third-party lead generation services. However, in reality, college-seekers often start with generic web searches (e.g. program of interest, location) and not with searches for specific schools.

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Introducing: Why Education Matters

If you are reading this, chances are you have a vested interest in higher education. You believe strongly in the importance of education for all people, all ages, all backgrounds and ethnicities. Lately the media and many authors have focused on the demise of higher education, the unnecessary time and money spent in receiving an education, and the overall downfall of higher education. While we believe that higher education administrators will find ways to improve the current state of higher education in the US, we also believe in the fundamental importance of higher education. We're going to take on that negativity with something positive-- we want to show why education matters.

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Podcast: Lessons for International Student Prospecting

Every month the 2nd and 4th Thursdays will be devoted to highlighting our library of podcasts. We believe stongly that information can be conveyed in a number of ways. We hope that you will continue to read our blog and also take advantage of the opportunity to listen to our podcasts at your desk, the gym or during your commute. Through 20-30 minute podcasts we hope to introduce our readers/listeners to a variety of compelling topics related to international higher education. We hope you enjoy our podcasts and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

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3 apps to up your Facebook game

In our recent post 4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Facebook Internationally, we discussed several ways to take advantage of Facebook’s built-in targeting and global features. While Facebook itself can be an effective marketing tool, the additional features presented by Facebook apps can take your institution’s Facebook page to the next level. Read on for three more tips (and game-changing apps) for your international Facebook efforts.


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4 tips to get the most out of Facebook—internationally

According to this great infographic, 82% of American universities use Facebook to communicate with prospective students.

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Can IT and enrollment marketing ever be friends?

Do you remember the movie "When Harry met Sally?" with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal when Harry states that a man and a woman cannot be friends. Well, the relationship between admissions, marketing and IT within universities -- and in many other organizations -- feels like that.

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Know thy competition for international students

As you interact with international students, your job is to present your academic programs the best way you can and identify the right students who will be a good academic, personal and financial fit for your institution. 

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Should your college stop recruiting international students?

Universities rarely go out of business or let's say out of existence. Maybe we should carefully add "so far" since we know that financial pressures are increasing dramatically. Competition is intensifying. Public funding has decreased and as we all know tuition has increased to a level where it is difficult to raise net tuition. Students and their parents are more reluctant or unable to take on the financial burden. I am a strong believer that education is one of the best investments young people can ever make. Financial pressures, among other reasons, have pushed many colleges to recruit more international students. Full paying students are rare in the United States, so adding a cohort of more or less full paying international students can make a difference.  As a result, we see many universities entering the international markets. And by the way, we don't mind since we enjoy working with colleges and it is helping us grow our business as well.

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