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Recruiting Intelligence

How Can Your Institution Compensate For Rank-o-Mania?

The season of new ranking releases will be upon us again soon. Admission departments worry that their school's U.S. News & World Report ranking will be lowered and student, faculty, and alumni will let their displeasure be known. 

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Is Your Career Services Office Cutting Edge?

How cutting edge is your institution's career services office? When key reports are published is the data considered for future planning? What is YOUR career services department doing with the Glassdoor report regarding employers hiring by sector?

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How Will Your Student Fair Investment Fare? (Part 2)

International travel and attending fairs is an important recruitment channel and is a major investment for many universities.  Last week, we shared data with you on how lead generation for prospective students is affected by the quality of the services provided by fair providers in our blog post: Will Your Student Fair Provider Deliver Value This Recruiting Season?

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Korean Student Recruitment: Using Webtoons for Marketing

Yaeri Kim, our summer guest blogger, uses this article to introduce webtoons, the intersection of traditional comic strips with internet technology. Webtoons' popularity in Korea makes them an exciting way to infuse a new digital engagement tool in your digital and social media marketing campaigns.

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Storytelling in Overseas Student Marketing

What does storytelling have to do with overseas student marketing? How can improved storytelling help institutional marketing teams to improve their international student recruitment strategies? Paul Jensen, Weber Shandwick's President of Corporate Practice in North America brought these topics to life.

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Mobile to Global in Overseas Student Recruitment

Mobile might be the single most important word in technology, digital marketing, and overseas student recruitment. What you don't know about mobile CAN hurt you.

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Is Education Losing the PR War?

As admissions officers and higher education marketers, we are out there "selling," "marketing," and "explaining" our institutions and services. We are all committed to the value of education. Most of us appreciate the environment and respect the act of learning. University academic staff liked college so much that they never left school!  But what is happening around us?   We are selling into an environment that does not necessarily prioritize education for the sake of education, but is rightly looking for a preparation for life with a focus on professionalism. 

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Successful Universities Move to Contextual Marketing

Seth Godin coined the phrase "interruption marketing" many years ago to describe the way traditional marketers interrupt the consumer to draw attention for their products and services. His message was that consumers will find more and more ways to avoid interruptions. He was right.   At the 2014 INTEAD Global Marketing Workshop for Academic Leaders in New York City, Hubspot's Matt Fradette showed the process and the successes of moving from interruption marketing to contextually relevant inbound marketing for universities.

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Success! A Quick Review of the 2014 Intead Workshop

Last week Intead hosted its inaugural 2014 Global Marketing Conference for Academic Leaders. Against the back drop of Manhattan, academic leaders from around the world joined the Intead team and an extraordinary group of guest speakers to learn the latest in digital marketing, social media marketing, innovations in recruitment and more. 

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Beyond the data - influencing international student decision making

Understanding your prospective international students is a perpetual task. Our colleagues from Hobsons Australia and UK published this report with sound advice, called "Beyond the data - influencing international student decision making" 

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